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Akhil George



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Alicia Thivierge

#mychildhoodbestie 💕 @nickywj29


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Victoria’s Choice SG /JB 授權经销商

🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 1 August 2019 #mychildhoodbestie

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https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jessica-croad So as everyone knows I’m doing a charity skydive in exactly a month all in honour of my best friend who lost her life to Lupus and SudEp. The link above is the fundraising page, please please PLEASE donate all you can little or large it all helps. I’m doing it to raise awareness of the heartbreak Lupus and SudEp can cause. I hope many of you can come to the event. There will be a cake sale on the day and all the proceeds with go straight on the JustGiving page. Thankyou to everyone who’s donated on and off the page, it truly does me everything to me! There will also be a livestream video on Facebook for those unable to attend. Thanks everyone once again, one month countdown is on!! 💜🦋 #mychildhoodbestie

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