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Claudia Esposito (@espositoclaclaudia) Instagram Profile Photo

Claudia Esposito

‘Team away day’ last week with the Clean Gas Project team. This team is made up of people in different companies in the energy sector. Together, on behalf of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative OGCI, we work to find solutions to help the U.K. meet the Paris agreement goals and decarbonisation goals. We spent the morning at the OGCI offices, where in my smaller team we developed ways to improve communications between the team. We also tried to re-brand the project! Had some fun solving problems and winning crystals at the Crystal Maze in the afternoon. I really enjoyed this team building experience and getting to know everyone in the team better. Now we can work better towards our goals 🤝🌿 #netzero

Ethical Lifer (@ethical_lifer) Instagram Profile Photo

Ethical Lifer

London, United Kingdom

A perfect representation of what's happening with climate change right now. We're all on the same boat... Reposted from @ecoquotes

Cottage Club (Ghost Lake) (@cottageclubgl) Instagram Profile Photo

Cottage Club (Ghost Lake)

Quick possession cottages are ready to go!! Lots for sale for your custom dream cottage. For more information visit www.cottageclub.ca #netzero

Illinois Solar Decathlon (@illinoissolardecathlon) Instagram Profile Photo

Illinois Solar Decathlon

Meet Karan Ruparel, ISD’s treasurer! Karan is pursuing a Masters in both Architecture and Science in Management at the U of I. He is exploring different opportunities in designing, management, and technology. In his free time he likes visiting new places, hanging with friends, enjoys playing card and computer games, and watching TV shows and movies. . . . #netzero

www.timeskuwait.com (@thetimeskuwait) Instagram Profile Photo


As Europe roasts through another record-hot summer, it is encouraging to see that climate change is receiving the attention it deserves from Ursula von der Leyen..... . . . For full story follow this link👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 https://www.timeskuwait.com/news/case-for-an-eu-climate-and-nature-czar/👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼 . . . #netzero @jeanclaudejuncker.official

Monash University Peninsula Campus

After hearing about Australia’s first large building certified to Passive House standards at @passivehouse_Australia exchange talk by @monashmasterplan checked it out last night in the golden light. The CLT supplied by @xlamdolomiti to the new @no ash_uni Gillie’s Student Accommodation has half the embodied energy as typical concrete construction, triple glazing by @laros_technologies and is an airtight building that does not require any Airconditioning. Body heat is enough to keep the internal air temperature warm. The building puts more energy back in the grid than it uses. Part of Monash’s net zero commitment by 2030. Storm water creek by @glaslandscape Architecture @jcbarchitects Engineering @aecom Construction @multiplexconstruction__au . . . . #netzero

Hamburg, Germany

Wer mir schon länger folgt, kennt die Geschichte mit der unsichtbaren Durchgangstür zur Speis. Und dass das ach so noble Küchenstudio das leider nicht umsetzten konnte. 🙎🏼‍♀️ Dies aber nicht verhandelbar war und der Hausherr es daher lieber selbst machen wollte, kenn‘wer ja mittlerweile: „Jo, dann mach ich das eben selbst!“ ...🙋🏽‍♂️🧰🔧🔨🛠⛏🔩 Und siehe da, die Konstruktion ist soweit vorbereitet (es musste dafür noch einiges geschehen, Stichwort Gipsksarton-Passepartout...andere Geschichte! 🙄), und wenn die Projekte draußen im Herbst-Winter zum Erliegen kommen werden müssen, kommt die Front drauf und fertig. Ich freue mich trotzdem schon jetzt, dass die Luke ins Chaos - das passiert, wenn die Speis auch als Abstellraum fungiert 😬 - geschlossen ist. 😊💛 . Was sonst so Wochenende passiert ist, ist kurz zusmengefasst. Bilder in der Story! 📽 . #netzero @my.ktchn @howwelive_official

Do you like watching paint dry? What about breathing clean air? We’re using @benjaminmoore Natura which has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which means it won’t off gas poisonous fumes over the next few years. #netzero

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