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Mariam | The Petite Bijou (@thepetitebijou) Instagram Profile Photo

Mariam | The Petite Bijou

Stan Mansion

EDIT 1 OR 2 ?! 📸 Had a fabulous time at the @odditiesfleamarket and had the pleasure of finally meeting @reginamariecohn and @ryanmatthewcohn who I’ve been following since my early days collecting medical antiques. Swipe to the last photo to see the antique I bought from Ryan’s booth - it was from 1888! 😱❤️ . Stop by tomorrow to see some amazing artists and collectors showcase their work. I left this market feeling incredibly inspired and thinking about what is next for my own @officialpetitebijou brand ❤️

Home Is Where The Corpse Is (@homeiswherethecorpseis) Instagram Profile Photo

Home Is Where The Corpse Is

I’m so glad you like her and she looks at home in your gorgeous space! . . . @its.not.that.weird - - - - - - Another gorgeous piece from @homeiswherethecorpseis! This time it’s Wednesday Possum from the Addams Family! Just in time for Halloween coming up. Please check out her work, she only works with ethically sourced animals. This means the animal was already found dead and that it wasn’t killed specifically to be a taxidermy piece. . . . . . . . . andcuriosities

Steph- Crocheter & Etsy Seller (@popartsandcrafts) Instagram Profile Photo

Steph- Crocheter & Etsy Seller

Brooklyn, New York

Had a few minutes to work on some keychains today. Yup. Just normal, grandma-like crochet happening over here...

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