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Kainat Naseer Bhatti (@girlmeets_universe) Instagram Profile Photo

Kainat Naseer Bhatti

Curfew continues in Occupied Kashmir on 13th consecutive day Srinagar: The authorities in occupied Kashmir continue to impose strict curfew and other restrictions across the region on the 13th consecutive day on Saturday to prevent people from holding demonstrations, Kashmir Media Service (KMS) reported ❤️ #pakindependencewithkashmir

Post-Celebrations of the 72nd Independence Day of our Beloved Country held at PYC Head Quarters, Lahore. #PakIndependenceWithKashmir

ہم تو مٹ جائیں گے اے عرضِ وطن لیکن! تم کو زندہ رہنا ہے قیامت کی سحر ہونے تک. Zindabad #PakIndependenceWithKashmir

وہ جو کہتے تھے خاک ھے پاکستان ان سے کہنا، تم سب کا باپ ھے پاکستان🇵🇰💚✊ ‎#PakIndependenceWithKashmir ‎

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