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Luis Sanchez (@agentplur) Instagram Profile Photo

Luis Sanchez

Kalamazoo, Michigan

WHAT MAKES YOU PASSIONATE? πŸ€” βž– I around with our stabilizer most of the day and I forgot how much fun this thing is. Made me realize that I need to focus doing what makes me passionate, especially if I want to create content for you guys. πŸŽ¬πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» βž– I not just talking about my job, I mean doing what brings me joy and excitement. Passion is an energy and I find that learning to manifest that energy helps me think more creatively, especially when I’m feeling controlled or bored of routine. βž– Been feeling kinda stagnant lately, but I know when I feel said energy. As I detect that I exude it, I want more and MORE of it. It makes me self-motivated and eager to grow my skills in video production. βž– I probably looked dumb AF in the studio today shooting b-roll with a giant smile on my face, but I haven’t filmed anything in so long, it made me so happy to work on a video for our podcast! New mics and headphones also ce in so I’ve been pretty geeked all around! βž– Check out The Geek Freaks Podcast here:πŸ‘‡πŸ½ https://www.ocs.help/geek--podcast βž– βž– βž– βž– βž– ate

Maria.Casiano (@casi819) Instagram Profile Photo


Stepping out of your comfort zone. . This introverted lady almost missed her 30th class reunion! I almost missed the opportunity to see some azing people and reconnect with those that I missed. I almost missed the opportunity to be apart of something significant in our community. . Middle School and high school were not easy for me. I was shy and was picked on quite often, called nes, and made to feel inadequate. I had so many insecurities. I have only been to two reunions and always had excuses not to attend the others. Is it not crazy how our past dictates our future behaviors? Even the confident woman in me was a little or a lot intimidated by attending. Plans fell through and one of my besties decided to go, so I went as his plus one, and I so happy I did. . In stepping out of my comfort zone I have the opportunity to impact someone. In letting go fear I have the to do something greater. I have the opportunity to help others. It’s another step in becoming a stronger more confident me.

Wear Your Fire! πŸ”₯ (@xpressyourpower) Instagram Profile Photo

Wear Your Fire! πŸ”₯

Jack of all trades, master of some. Mugs also available on our Xpress Your Power Apparel & Accessories Shop!

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Chas Carter

If you don't have confidence you can't win ! _______________________________________ Do you want to grow your instagram and Facebook account and make money from it? Click the link in bio to find out how you can do that . Follow @disruptive_duplication for more motivational content. β–ͺ β–ͺ β–ͺ πŸ‘‰@disruptive_duplicationπŸ‘ˆ β–ͺ β–ͺ β–ͺ Turn on post notification so you never miss a post ! πŸ”” β–ͺ β–ͺ _______________________________________ #passionate Quotes

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