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Clare, Holistic Health 🦋 (@claresadlier) Instagram Profile Photo

Clare, Holistic Health 🦋

Vishnu Hari (@imvishnuhari) Instagram Profile Photo

Vishnu Hari

Danielle Hayward (@cdhayward24) Instagram Profile Photo

Danielle Hayward

Lian• Online Coach (@healthy.momlife) Instagram Profile Photo

Lian• Online Coach

Lindsey McMoran (@lindseymcmoran) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsey McMoran

Online marketing met Lisa (@liviaschrijft) Instagram Profile Photo

Online marketing met Lisa

Mijn schip heeft ondertussen de veilig haven verlaten. De reis is tot nu toe kalm verlopen, maar ik weet dat de kans bestaat dat er nog enkele stevige stormen op komst zijn. En da's niet erg. Mijn schip is zo goed mogelijk voorbereid. En mocht het nodig zijn, dan zoek ik toch gewoon een nieuwe veilige haven op, niet? ⛵ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ En dat van jou? Ligt jouw schip te wachten tot het ooit eens uitvaart? Wat houd je tegen om volop voor je dromen te gaan? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #personaldevelopment

Ajna Center Of Learning (@lifecoachritu) Instagram Profile Photo

Ajna Center Of Learning

The subconscious mind and cells in the store traumas, negative emotions and memories, often without us realizing. Years later we can experience pain, dis-ease and illness. In fact, emotional trauma and stress is attributed for 90% of health issues. This is why it is so important to address the emotional and psychological aspects in order to heal. Cutting out a tumor, blasting it with radiation and injecting chemotherapy will not resolve the underlying issues. These treatments can help in certain instances, but an integrative approach is ideal. Want to find out how to clear and release? Send us a message to learn more! . . . . #personaldevelopment

SCHOOL OF HARTS (@school_ofharts) Instagram Profile Photo


Old Ale House

SCHOOL OF HARTS ✨✨✨✨ ♥️ (5 Spaces left!) This coming Saturday! "OMG this morning was amazing and was exactly what I needed to get that focus back on the direction my life is taking... Ladies sign up, this literally is the best thing you could do " ~ Samantha FULL WEPAGE INFO www.schoolofharts.co.uk/self-development.html (Limited spaces) ARE YOU...... > seeking out the absolute best life? > a go-getter? (... even when scared!) > wanting to increase your confidence? > determined to lead a happy life? > wanting to DESIGN your life? > a believer of true happiness? > seeking more meaningful connections? > looking for more meaning in your life? > willing to push through fear to succeed? Want to be part of ANAMAZING NETWORK ?!! "Four hours well spent. I didn't want it to end!!!" ~ Kate WHAT YOU LEARN ____________________ *The Ultimate Success Formula* What your 'Exotic Escape' is ... Your genius mindset Vision-boarding Dreaming BIG! Building of new empowering habits About your 'Tug of War' The power of clarity Success Killers Your TOP goals Your reason Your WHY? ' Katie is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever worked with, she pays so much attention to what you are doing and who you are ' ~ Nell BE AUTHENTIC. BE UNIQUE. BE YOU #personaldevelopment

The Davi Magazine (@thedavimagazine) Instagram Profile Photo

The Davi Magazine

Can we get an AMEN and AMEN?

Body💪🏻Balance⚖️Being🧠Business💼 (@grant_success) Instagram Profile Photo


Just do THE BEST what you can! 💪 This separates you from 95% of the other people out there and this is what makes you successful for sure. 📈 - - TAG📍 | COMMENT💬 | SHARE📤 - - Follow 👉🏻 @grant.success 👈🏻 for daily value! 🎯📈👨🏻‍💻 - - I will give you free inspiration for your success in your business, because I think we can grow together instantly! That for I will give you inspiration, motivation and valuable tips for the four main aspects in our lives: Body, Balance, Being and Business! 🙏🏼 - - For any questions or ideas, DM me! 📥 - - #personaldevelopment

Holistic Lifestyle Retreat 🌻 (@currentlylovingretreats) Instagram Profile Photo

Holistic Lifestyle Retreat 🌻

There's nothing like travelling for developing new perspective and understanding of self! What's on your bucket list? 🙌🏻 Any solo travellers in the CL community?!

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