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Moe Abbassi (@moeabbassi) Instagram Profile Photo

Moe Abbassi

Do women test men? Do they do it so that they can see if you’re truly confident? • • • • • • #personalimprovement

Don’t trust your 2020 goals to New Years resolutions that will be forgotten by February! . If something in your life or career isn’t getting accomplished or improving, you owe it to yourself and your future to take advantage of my Jump Start Package! Start seeing what building a happier, more successful future looks like! . 1 hour sessions each week, for 10 weeks, based on YOUR schedule and availability! . Let me show you how coaching will help you get the life you want and deserve! . Message or call me today! Don’t put your dreams on the back burner anymore! . Follow me: @JacobsLifeCoach . . . . . . #personalimprovement

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Surgical Coaching

When engaging someone in conversation, try to avoid questions that have one word answers. That way you’ll avoid the awkward silences. Follow @thesurgicalcoaching . . . . . . #personalimprovement

📚 Reading For Growth🌲 (@readingforgrowth) Instagram Profile Photo

📚 Reading For Growth🌲

What goals did you have for 2019? 👌🏼 • This book caught my eye as it is contrary to what most books say 🤔 We are always taught to think big, yet this title says the opposite. When you break your goals down into the small steps that make it up, it’s easier to get started and I imagine that is what this book is all about. Like the book “The ONE Thing” says, there’s always that “ONE Thing” that makes the biggest difference! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts if you’ve read it ☺️ • #Personalimprovement

Two Working Moms (@twoworkingmoms) Instagram Profile Photo

Two Working Moms

Find a way to reward yourself during the journey to get to your goal. Even the smallest reward of tracking a habit can be its own satisfaction. Crossing an item off your to-do list, putting a sticker on the calendar, having a warm cup of coffee after your morning run. # #personalimprovement

Shayk Sami (@shayksami) Instagram Profile Photo

Shayk Sami

.Everyday is another opportunity to find meaning in your life! What are you doing to make the best of what you have? This book is the story of a Holocaust survivor that refused to give up. Viktor Frankl didn't know what his future would look like. He didn't even know if he would have a future. What he did know was that if he gave up, it guaranteed no chance of having a future. In this book you will learn how Viktor was able to survive. It's terrifying to think that the events in this book could happen. This is a story of survival. After reading this you will realize the importance of believing in yourself and the future. Mindset makes all the difference! If you like this recommendation click the link in my bio to get signed up for updates on what I'm doing with books, personal finance, and personal development! Follow @philosophyofsuccess . . . . . .                 #Personalimprovement  

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