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It’s got the shoulder thing that goes ‘down’ - Check out my story posts for additional pics/vids - 🔫 = @franchi_usa PA8 “Spas 12” clone💥{12ga} - #pew - For the RCMP social media unit: - The receiver is a Franchi PA8, which is a non restricted firearm legal to own with a PAL. * It has spas12 furniture installed to make it appear like a spas12 while still being a legal firearm. It is not a spas12, which is a prohibited firearm and has a notch in the receiver for the charging handle (this PA8 does not). - The magazine tube is internally limited to 5 rounds. I carry @ccfr_ccdaf legal defence insurance for defending against offences arising out of the use, storage, display, transportation or handling of a firearm.

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Finally the camera is back and it’s 22 Tuesday to boot! Been waiting for a used one of these to come in and now finally I give you the @fn_america @fnh_usa Five Seven in 5.7x28 this little guy has great fire controls and no recoil lots of laser gun fun with shooter. @federalpremium #pew

GOOOOOOOD MOOOOORNING GAAAAAAMERS I made an OC meme go like it on youtube link in bio • • • • • • • • • • • • #pew • • • • Giv me creds if u steel

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