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Grace Guiney (@wildforwhales) Instagram Profile Photo

Grace Guiney

Pilot whales are a species known for mass strandings. It is unclear as to why they do this, but it could have something to do with their strong social bonds. If one whale is sick or disoriented and beaches itself, perhaps the others follow suit for fear of leaving it behind.

Today we photo identified and tracked two groups of long-finned pilot whales in winds of 20-25 knots. It was definitely a challenge and we’re all exhausted, but it makes us appreciate the calm days even more. Here’s a photo of a long-finned pilot whale spyhopping in glassy waters just two days ago. s

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Los Cristianos - Tenerife

Little snippet of Pilot Whales 🐋 they were amazing 😍 #pilotwhales

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Lucie Kessler

Horta, Faial, Açores

Des globicéphales tropicaux, des grands dauphins et une tortue caouanne ! #pilotwhales


🇬🇧 Sperm Whales can grow up to 20 mt in length, we are very lucky to see them so close to the coast! 🐳 - 🇵🇹 Cachalotes podem ter até 20 mt de comprimento, somos muito afortunados em vê-los tão perto da costa! 🐳 . . . . 📸@sarapestana.jardim

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