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Vitalina Nazaruk (@vitalina_nazaruk) Instagram Profile Photo

Vitalina Nazaruk

🌎  X P E D   A M E R I C A  🇺🇸 (@xpeditionamerica) Instagram Profile Photo

🌎 X P E D A M E R I C A 🇺🇸

🌎  X P E D   A M E R I C A  🇺🇸 (@xpeditionamerica) Instagram Profile Photo

🌎 X P E D A M E R I C A 🇺🇸

🌎  X P E D   A M E R I C A  🇺🇸 (@xpeditionamerica) Instagram Profile Photo

🌎 X P E D A M E R I C A 🇺🇸

Josh Starnes (@genboosted) Instagram Profile Photo

Josh Starnes

Henna Mir 🦄 (@_henna_mir) Instagram Profile Photo

Henna Mir 🦄

Beto Encinas (@beto_encinas_) Instagram Profile Photo

Beto Encinas

The League of Pirates (@theleagueofpirates) Instagram Profile Photo

The League of Pirates

Xavier Corella (@xaviercorella) Instagram Profile Photo

Xavier Corella

How I Carry (@howicarry) Instagram Profile Photo

How I Carry

gun reviews (@nek_outdoors) Instagram Profile Photo

gun reviews

Hey guys this is my @rugersofficial AR-556 this was my first AR and I've never had a problem with it. This gun fires great and has a some what short trigger take up which allows you to shoot it at a faster rate without have to let you finger all the way off the trigger. This gun is chambered in .556 as in the name and .223 and has a really low recoil. I would highly recommend this gun to and person who's looking into buying their first AR for a couple reasons. The first being the price which is somewhat low for an AR, they usually range around $475. The second reason is just the fact that it has very basic controls. #rangeday Don't mind my Stutter at the end.

M҉U҉T҉A҉N҉T҉S҉ S҉Q҉U҉A҉D҉ (@mutants_squad) Instagram Profile Photo

M҉U҉T҉A҉N҉T҉S҉ S҉Q҉U҉A҉D҉

На многих упражнениях неполный перенос оружия позволяет выиграть время при сохранении точности. Потому иногда комбинируем полный перенос оружия с неполным. А какое ваше время выполнения? 🇺🇸 In many exercises, partial transition of carbine from right to left shoulder and vice versa, allows you to save the time while maintaining normal accuracy. That’s why sometimes we combine complete and incomplete weapon transfer in one string. And what is your time of right-left-right transfer completion? #rangeday

Dmitry  Adeev (@dmitryadeev) Instagram Profile Photo

Dmitry Adeev

Было мокро, грязно и вообще 🤧 , но отличная компания и хорошее настроение творят чудеса 👍👍👍 Говорят, опять всех уиграл какой-то парень с Тюменской обл 😁. #rangeday

Grycol International (@grycolinternational) Instagram Profile Photo

Grycol International

Enough said...

Tom H. 🇨🇦 BC (@tom_compshooting) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom H. 🇨🇦 BC

Prince George, British Columbia

Day 2 finished in PG, shot really well and took 1st again. Good to see everything working before Provincials in a couple weeks! . . . . . . . #rangeday

Tiffany Nelson (@fishpimptress) Instagram Profile Photo

Tiffany Nelson

Shooting the masterpiece Joe built me. #rangeday

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