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Christin Farr (@christinfarr) Instagram Profile Photo

Christin Farr

J.SCAFFNETTI (@scaff_shoots) Instagram Profile Photo


When you just gotta get it right. Today I had some to sort out so I figured a visit to the range might help with the brain. I was right and it seemed another member was there to work a few things out himself. Over the past year and a bit I've watched Preston fly up the ranks of the steel matches. We can both attribute our own personal successes to training and our red dots. Today we were both back to using our stock sights, myself awaiting the delivery of a new red dot and Preston had decided to sharpen his skills with his irons. It never to get back to the root of any hobby. Sure there will always be a better faster way to accomplish a goal but you never know when that specific advancement in technology will let you down and you better have the skill to execute your objective with the tools you have left once the aid is gone. . . . . @therangelangley @vortex.canada @vortexoptisc @dstactical @reliablegun @511tactical @5.11canada #reddot

Devon K Tidwell (@devotids) Instagram Profile Photo

Devon K Tidwell

Hey, I’m doing some food stuff to support this outstandingly talented artist, @stuffy_fresh. With @theladylauren, we hope to showcase some of this cats killer artwork and perspectives. Give them both a follow, please. @stuffy_fresh ・・・ #REDdot . . for skate clip . . | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

레드도트 (@reddot_cycle) Instagram Profile Photo


주말 헐티재 라이딩 한 사람 한 사람 잘 찍어줘서 감사~^^ 다들 멋지십니다.🚴🏻👍 📸 @yim.c_the_max @reddot_cycle @reddot_kr #RedDot

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