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Monarch CrossFit

Monarch Crossfit

⚡HIDDEN POWER⚡ Most everything you do is unconscious. We adapt this way because forming habits is the most calorie efficient way to stay alive. And that’s the brain's primary job: to save energy and survive. If we look at how habits are formed, we can see how most people have run into obstacles with forming good habits. Fitness is a huge example. We now know, through studies, that there are three parts to a habit. 1️⃣ The trigger is the first and usually unconscious. It’s been a long week and you are tired and want to wind down. This triggers let’s have a drink or eat something yummy. 2️⃣ The routine is eating or drinking whatever it is that you believe will help you wind down. And as you repeat this habit the routine becomes more and more unconscious over time. 3️⃣ The reward is the last part and most significant part of this story. Here is why. Most people when it comes to their fitness never get to make a positive association with getting fit. They think from the beginning it’s going to be hard and painful and in most cases they are right. Without a coach to deliver a program with the minimal effect dose you can go overboard or lose motivation really quickly. This is why getting fit alone is VERY difficult for most people. We structure our classes to have built in nuggets of motivation with the program, environment, coaching, and community. When you stack that much motivation on top of an experience it’s easier to break the unhealthy habits formed and create new ones. Hopefully this triggers something for you. 😜 Try a class today and let us help you reform your habits and breakthrough to a fitter you. Join Monarch Today! Get your 10 Day Pass Here! Link in Bio ☝🏼 . . . . . . . . . . l #RedwoodCity

Redwood City, California

You gotta ride the wave 🏄 book now for the week !!! #redwoodcity

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Gourmet Haus Staudt & Beer Garden Staudt

Find us in #redwoodcity at @gourmethausstaudt AND PLEASE while you are there drink all the beers and hang out in the amazing GHS pub ! Such a gem in the 🇩🇪

Colorado Springs, Colorado

We out here! 🎶Can’t nobody tell me nothing🎶 Naija no de carry last #redwoodcity

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Go Fish Poke Bar

Our shoyu chicken is a great option if you don’t want poke! So flavorful and tender 🤤

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Juan Carlos Prado

St. Pius School

First day of middle school ❤️🏫🙏🏼. #redwoodcity

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Dave & Buster's

"Strapped up cuzzo" #redwoodcity

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