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Cuco Rodríguez

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Javier Fernandez Carmona ®

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Bradley Scanes

To immobilise or not to immobilise _____________________________________________ Based on the individual! Some you may need to some may respond better to early loading. Earlier specific training has been shown to accelerate return to play and prevent re-injury. The general research guidance is if there is no rupture base on the individual, my recommendation is try to avoid it if you can! If there is a rupture aim for 4-6 weeks of immobilisation / bracing. This may need to include 2-10 in a boot, but again try to avoid too long or minimise. When you are braced we must still aim for optimal loading - walking with the brace, swimming pool work, and gentle rehab exercises. There’s always something to do to help. Be guided by and function. Other things that can help on the side - ice, elevation, compression, anti-inflammatories after the first 3 days. _____________________________________________ 🇬🇧 #rehab

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Paula Clayton

The fact is that these laws do exist and I think we forget them when we’re busy trying to ‘fix’ people! The truth is, whilst (IME) manual therapy aids a person towards better movement and reduces discomfort in order for them to commence rehab, it can’t be used as a stand alone! I’ve tried and tested the manual therapy without follow up strength training = doesn’t work for all! Strength training without manual therapy = doesn’t work for all. However combining the two gets me consistent and faster results! You may find it’s different for you, but in my experience (IME) the combination impacts compliance, recovery times and longevity! Posted @withrepost@adammeakins 💥THE LAWS💥 . Sometimes the fundamentals of what we do get forgotten or overlooked in this profession. . So here’s a quick reminder of the laws of bone and tissue adaption. . These simple laws should guide and govern all that we do as MSK therapists. The forces of movement and exercise dosed suitably and adequately influence these laws. . #rehab

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Mateusz Mierzejewski

TRX w treningu. Super sprawa i super ćwiczenie na rozgrzewkę. Praca nad elastycznością w połączeniu z oddechem. + Wdech do przodu + Wydech do tyłu #rehab

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Friskvård för häst


I torsdags passade jag på och se när en av mina kunder tränade. Det var ett perfekt tillfälle för mig att få se med egna ögon hur ryttaren beskriver sin häst. 💫🐴 @klarasantonen . . . . #rehab

Legends MMA & Fitness

Hips Mobility is a FUNDAMENTAL Requirement in Martial Arts and more specifically in Grappling. - Our most powerful movement as bipedal human beings comes from the power generated from our . - Lack of range of motion, tightness and pains in this area affect directly the entire biomechanic of our bodies. - Being able to drive movements with pain-free affect directly the efficiency and the power generated from it. - In Grappling / BJJ / MMA most of attacks/escapes/defenses comes originally from the stability and mobility of our . - More specifically in BJJ, guard retention ability is directly related to mobility. - Try this sequence and remember to keep a mindful breath while performing it. - Any question ? Comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - mobility #rehab dontlie

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私人教練,personal trainer Befit

24/7 Fitness Mongkok

Legs day總會令人覺悟😂 Brian Cheung ~私人健身教練-健美運動員 🔥專業團隊,幫你達成目標🔥 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 🎖超過12年健身教練經驗 🎖多年健美比賽經驗, 獲得多項冠軍 🎖曾培訓多名學員比賽, 勇奪佳績 🎖訓練範圍由一般減肥增肌到比賽級別 🎖多項專業認證證書 🎖歡迎pm 預約 🏆2018 USA MUSCLECONTEST Master Classic  Champion 🏆2018 USA MUSCLECONTEST Master physique Champion and Overall champion 🏆 2016 HKFBF 75KG Bodybuilding Champion 🏆 2014 HKBPSF 75KG Bodybuilding Champion     #rehab   day

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Кирилл Платонов

Последнее время для меня как для врача совсем не редкость,кроме первичного лечения пациента встречать его затем ,как у тренера на реабилитации) Давно живу по принципу, «хочешь сделать хорошо,сделай сам». Пациент. После тяжелой сочетанной травмы. Перелом черепа с кровоизлиянием. Перелом плеча. Проведённое лечение: 2018г. Резекционная трепанация черепа. 2018г. Остеосинтез плеча пластиной. 2018г. Пластика дефекта черепа. В восстановительном периоде: Тотальная потеря физической формы. Остаточные головные боли. Контрактура плечевого сустава. Был рад, что мне была доверена работа по физической реабилитации и восстановлению. И хоть я не ко всем его операциям приложил руку(я делал только пластику дефекта), уважение к труду хирургов у меня колоссальное. Что может спустя 10 мес. работы? Сдал нормы ГТО. Головные боли купированы. Контрактура побеждена. Играет в баскетбол и теннис. #rehab

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