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Small Business Owner ❤ Travel (@erica_a_brooks) Instagram Profile Photo

Small Business Owner ❤ Travel

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Happy Thursday! Vacation is over and I'm back in my mobile office. I hope you're all having a great summer.

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Fox 5 NY

Jeremy Floyd walked halfway across the country to bring attention to homelessness and addiction. During his journey, Floyd stopping at youth shelters and rehab centers along the way to help others once in his shoes. centers

The Traveling Pedicurist; LNT (@thetravelingpedicurist) Instagram Profile Photo

The Traveling Pedicurist; LNT

Brian Center Southpoint

@ Brian Rehab Center, Durham, NC 7/18/19 The Traveling Pedicurist provides bedside service for immobile clients, as such with this particular client. His problem was an excess of hardened and flaky skin on the soles/bottom of his feet that needed removal and to help bring comfort. A waterless Pedicure was performed with the client lying in bed. The feet were saturated with Dermal Cleanser for efficient removal of the excess skin on his feet. Clients toenails were also clipped to a comfortable length. 👣AND....of course our signature brand Whipped Shea Body Creme was used to moisturize the clients feet👣 #Rehabcenters www.thetravelingpedicurist.com

Levin & Perconti (@levinperconti) Instagram Profile Photo

Levin & Perconti

Four Chicago Nursing Facilities Caught Up in Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Case - https://buff.ly/2JgeVTc⠀ ⠀ Some Chicago nursing homes and rehabilitation centers are paying nearly $10 million back to the U.S. government after being caught lying about the level of care their patients required and for violating the False Claims Act by overbilling federal health insurers. ⠀ ⠀ #rehabcenters

Roxanne Vallone (@roxannevallone) Instagram Profile Photo

Roxanne Vallone

While I realize hospitals and physical rehab centers are not known for their cuisine, and that there are people starving in our world, this is beyond the pale in our country. My dad has been in and out of the hospital/physical rehab for two months. Thank God he is home now. These are his last two meals at Dunwoody Health & Rehab. Completely unedited unfiltered. Added bonus, served cold for LUNCH at 3:30pm. They continued to deliver to the wrong room for one week.There is no excuse for this. I intend not only to rant but to get involved in anyway I can to bring awareness and support to this disgrace. Did I mention he is diabetic? Total carbs. It took one week to have the safety rail in his bathroom fixed as it hung off the wall. Safety rail? Would that not be an important part for handicap people in REHAB? Trust me, we were there constantly but that seemed to make no difference even when we expressed our concerns. #RehabCenters

Yes You Can Still Run Ads for Addiction, Rehab and Mental Health Services on Google: Here’s How. Link in bio >>

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Spirit Plumbing

Palm Springs, California

Thank you to Warner Park Recovery for stopping by to hangout with us! 🤝

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