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Aiguille Alpine Equipment (@aiguillealpine) Instagram Profile Photo

Aiguille Alpine Equipment

Big walling - "Know before you go" With so much unknown and new in the world of big walling for the unacquainted climber, its worth doing all you can to know as much as you can before you go! This applies to 3 major components of Big Wall Climbing. Your gear/equipment. Your ropework/climbing systems. Your partners. Before heading out to the states or wherever you choose to do your first Big Wall, you should work hard to know the gear you are using. Practise placing unusual protection (cam hooks for example). Acquire and practise using a portaledge. Pack your haul bag and see how much stuff you can get in it, and how hard it is to get stuff out the bottom when your hanging off the ground. You also need to get good at rope systems. There are many tutorials online and loads of information on everything from hauling to jummaring to lowering out, but as always the best way is just to practise. Your partner. This kind of goes without saying, but you need a solid partner/s who you trust and know. Someone who is psyched! Mentally strong, practical and safe and hopefully manages to see the funny side of carrying monstrous loads into the bottom of your route! Know before you go! #rucksack

Gewerbeverein Oberteuringen (@teuringer.wirtschaft) Instagram Profile Photo

Gewerbeverein Oberteuringen


Als erstes zeigen wir euch heute den orangenen Rucksack #rucksack

Angie's Boutique (@angiesboutiquepoynton) Instagram Profile Photo

Angie's Boutique

Bagsy .. ยฃ65 #rucksack Poynton

Elusive Gear Factorium (@elusive_gear) Instagram Profile Photo

Elusive Gear Factorium

Scoutsack and axe/saw carrier on the move. Lightweight oldschool. #rucksack

Anna Katharina Angermann (@cocu_by_angermann) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Katharina Angermann

Niedersachsen, Germany

What a sweetheart proudly carrying his COCU by angermann bag!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ›๏ธโค๏ธโ˜€๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ

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