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Ryan Phillips

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Fluhtr | Love Butterflies

🧡🦋🧡 Monarch butterflies in North America this time of year. They migrate from South America every spring. They are getting fewer and fewer as the rainforests in South America is dwindling down. #savetheenvironment . . . . #🦋 🦋

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🌼 Lifestyle Blogger

Sarasota, Florida

They say it only takes 21 days to form a habit! 21 days of exercising, 21 days of eating clean, 21 days of drinking the recommended ount of water! ONLY 21 days! 🤭 I so happy I’ve made going to the gym a priority over the past few weeks! Even when I don’t want to and I’m so tired, I get my there and feel SO good after! The days I don’t go, I wish I did! You can do anything you put your mind to! Take a rest day when you need to and then get back at it! 😜 Just make sure to stay hydrated! I’ve been loving my reusable water jug by @hydrojug so much! I love being able to measure my water intake. Not to mention it is dishwasher safe, leak-proof, has a handle and is environment friendly by reducing plastic waste! 🤗 • • • #savetheenvironment

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🅥 Kai Rediske

Go Vegan. Eat Savory Dinners. • • Buffalo wings, vegan olive and herb sourdough, mashed potatoes, sautéed green beans, green onions. Made by my wife. • • Going vegan is the single most important choice an individual can make when it comes to protecting the environment and our resources for future generations. It’s also the least cruel and, if done properly, a vegan diet is proven to be the healthiest diet for a human being. If you can’t go Vegan 100% of the time, try it one day a week to start. Something, anything helps. • Watch: @dominionmovement Watch: @cowspiracy Watch: What the Health ————————————————— #savetheenvironment

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How many do you see on these ? #savetheenvironment

Check out my new silicone food storage container! I hope they work well because I would love to stop using the single use plastic bags as much as possible. Have you ever used them before? #savetheenvironment

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