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Rosa Rivera 馃懇馃徏馃弸馃徏馃嚜馃嚫 (@rr24fit) Instagram Profile Photo

Rosa Rivera 馃懇馃徏馃弸馃徏馃嚜馃嚫

Badajoz, Spain

Todos unidos, somos parte de la historia. Hacemos historia. Por ellos, por nosotros... #savetheoceans

localcero (@localcero) Instagram Profile Photo


Suero Facial REGENERA Coco Cosm茅tica Natural F贸rmula cargada de antioxidantes con propiedades regeneradoras y aclarantes, para todo tipo de pieles. Ingredientes principales: Sand铆a 路 Marula 路 Papaya 路 Frambuesa 路 Granada 路 Mel贸n 路 Gayuba 路 Manzana 路 Pepino 路 Cipr茅s 路 Zanahoria 路 Lavanda Propiedades: -Reduce arrugas y l铆neas de expresi贸n por sus aceites y fitoaroma. -Ayuda a eliminar manchas y aclarar la piel por contener extracto de Gayuba y enzima de papaya. -Boost de antioxidantes por sus aceites de marula, frambuesa, granada, zanahoria y fitoaroma de manzana. Encu茅ntralo en www.localcero.mx 鈥 Facial Serum REGENERA Formula loaded with antioxidants with regenerating and lightening properties, for all skin types. Main ingredients: Watermelon 路 Marula 路 Papaya 路 Raspberry 路 Pomegranate 路 Melon 路 Bearberry 路 Apple 路 Cucumber 路 Cypress 路 Carrot 路 Lavender Properties: -Reduce wrinkles and expression lines for their oils and phytoaroma. -Help remove stains and lighten the skin by containing Gayuba extract and papaya enzyme. -Boost of antioxidants for their marula, raspberry, pomegranate, carrot and apple phytoaroma oils. Find it at www.localcero.mx 鈥 #savetheoceans

The planet needs us to tackle climate change, now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. Now is the time to start caring about the choices you are making and doing something about it. So you may feel like making these small changes will not be enough to make a difference.. well if everyone thinks like that then, yes, you are correct. But if we all join together to help our planet, it may just make a difference. Surely it's better to have tried than to have not? For the future of our planet let's start taking some responsibility. After all, we are all sharing this planet! @theecogiants is a page to discuss, to share and to come together to support each other on a journey to making a difference to the planet. The more the merrier, so feel free to join in! Amazon rainforest guide photo Credit: @itstheiproject

Floating Lotus (@floatinglotusuk) Instagram Profile Photo

Floating Lotus

Rugby, Warwickshire

Are your used plastic disposable sanitary pads floating in the sea? 馃槯 . Sadly even those of us who are disposing of and recycling our waste 'right' may find our it is still ending up abroad in landfill, dumped or incinerated. Give this a read and remember that our REUSABLE BAMBOO SANITARY PADS can help reduce your waste 馃憤馃徏 . Remember the 5 R's of zero-waste (in this order): 馃尡 REFUSE 馃尡 REDUCE 馃尡 REUSE 馃尡 REPURPOSE 馃尡 RECYCLE . Keep up the good work eco-peeps - it all helps 馃挌 . Link to article in comments . #savetheoceans

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