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San Juan Islands Museum Of Art

How is a dance company like an orca pod? @gio.villalobos. former @nycballet dancer and @pacificnorthwestballet’s newest ballet master, discusses the power of artistic voices to inspire change. ______________ See the full documentary about APEX: A (Killer) Whale Ballet at the @sji.museum.of.art Deep Dive exhibit until September 16th, featuring artwork on Orcas and other endangered species in the Salish Sea. ______________________________ Choreography by @amberwillett_dance, Video collaboration and film by @amphora_media, producer/director @sosorca.southernresidents, composer @festeproductions, and dancing by @abby.jayne and @gio.villalobos. ————————————- #savetheorcas

SeaWorld San Diego

Amaya's story/bio Amaya is a 4 year old female orca that lives at Seaworld San Diego where she was born on December 2 2014.Her mother is Kalia and her father is Ulises.On December 18 Seaworld confirmed that she was a female and that her father was Ulises.Kasatka who was Kalia's mother was there to assist Kalia through at labour , she was also accompanied with her two brothers Nakai and Makani.Seaworld stated that Amaya was most likely conceived naturally , although it is possible that she was conceived through artificial insemination.Kalia was artificially inseminated only once.She mated with Ulises before and after the insemination.On January 23 , Seaworld announced that she was named Amaya. Amaya is known for being a very active and playful orca.She is also very independent and will often swim away from away from her mother and socialize with other whales or discover new areas.She is often seen playing with her uncle Makani who was born a yearbefore she was.She is the smallest and youngest orca of the Seaworld San Diego pod.She spends most of her time with Kalia and Makani but can be seen with any member of the pod. Sex:Female Age:4 Birthday:12/2/14 Birthplace:Seaworld San Diego Type of birth:Tail first Weight:1,550 lbs (2017) Length:11 ft (2017) Breed:93.75% Icelandic 6.25% Southern Resident Parks lived at:Seaworld San Diego Family: Parents: •Mother:Kalia Father:Ulises Grandparents: •Maternal Grandmother:Kasatka •Maternal Grandfather:Keet •Maternal Great Grandmother:Kalina •Maternal Great Grandfather:Kotar •Maternal Great Great Grandmother:Katina •Great Great Grandfather:Winston Half brother: •Moana Aunts: •Baby Shamu 2 , Katerina , Takara , Unna , Skyla , Halyn , Nalani Uncles: •Taku , Keto , Tuar , Nakai , Ikaika , Makaio , Makani Cousins: •Kohana , Trua , Nalani , Sakari , Adan , Victoria , Kamea , Kyara , Ula Caption:@cetacean.project Photo 1:Amaya and Kalia Photo 2:Amaya , Kalia , Nakai and Kasatka Photo 3:Amaya and Kasatka

Victoria, British Columbia

A new lawsuit in the States has been brought against the NOAA Fisheries, being done in hopes of creating an orca protection zone closed to ship traffic near San Juan Island.⠀ ⠀ Read about here from CTV News: https://buff.ly/30jVEHX⠀ .⠀ .⠀

San Juan Islands

Trip to Anacortes to go whale watching was an amazing experience! To be able to see these majestic creatures in the wild 🐳 #savetheorcas

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Georgina Ottaviano

Lime Kiln Point State Park

Orcas at Lime Kiln

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patrick rooney

Friday Harbor Ferry Landing

tipping my cap (buff) to my new orca family. love me some j pod. . . . . . 📷: @eliza_palasz #savetheorcas

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Stacy & Pixie

Disgusting !!! #savetheorcas #

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Mountain Protectors

Burnaby Mountain

From the archives: photos taken in March on Burnaby Mountain, documenting yet another possible spill at the Trans Mountain tank farm. This was during a period when construction and pipeline work was supposedly paused pending the quashing of TMX’s injunction. The lack of parency and alarming rate of “contaminated zones” we’ve spotted around the tank farm is highly concerning and indicates the dangers of pushing this expansion project through without a real understanding of the irreparable harm it is already causing to our environment. (Photos: Jim Leyden)

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