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Чемпионика Белгород (@championika_belgorod) Instagram Profile Photo

Чемпионика Белгород

Anselmo Gomes de Moura (@anselmoprofessor) Instagram Profile Photo

Anselmo Gomes de Moura

Godzilla_BossTrice_youngLegend (@godzilla_bosstrice_ceo_ogs) Instagram Profile Photo


The addictive brain (@theaddictivebrain) Instagram Profile Photo

The addictive brain

Welton Godinho (@weltongodinho) Instagram Profile Photo

Welton Godinho

Jahz Blancas 🇲🇽 MEXICANO📍 (@jahz.blancas) Instagram Profile Photo

Jahz Blancas 🇲🇽 MEXICANO📍

Circe Verba PhD | Science Nerd (@circe_verba) Instagram Profile Photo

Circe Verba PhD | Science Nerd

zakaria ahbache🖤 (@zakaria_2002.ah) Instagram Profile Photo

zakaria ahbache🖤

John Arrambide (@johnthewinedon) Instagram Profile Photo

John Arrambide

🥑 Cory Levin MS, RDN (@thewomensdietitian) Instagram Profile Photo

🥑 Cory Levin MS, RDN

Shiva Shirani | شیوا شیرانی (@scientist.shiva) Instagram Profile Photo

Shiva Shirani | شیوا شیرانی

Circe Verba PhD | Science Nerd (@circe_verba) Instagram Profile Photo

Circe Verba PhD | Science Nerd

Bruce Banner-Odinson (@theofficialbrucebanner) Instagram Profile Photo

Bruce Banner-Odinson

Avengers Tower

Hey, Peter and Ned, science waits for no one, so come on.

doha_jaffal (@dohajaffal88) Instagram Profile Photo


Love ur work to make ur dream comes true💙#science

===> Apply human movement principles validated by REAL #Science to hitting a ball - Physics, Engineering, & Biomechanics...don't fall for goofy-goober "bro-science" ever again ===> http://gohpl.com/swingsmarter

we live in a society of ignorance and convenience.... we need action and changes ! Now ! #science

Girl Genius Magazine (@girlgeniusmag) Instagram Profile Photo

Girl Genius Magazine

Merak Magazine (@merakmag) is an e-literary magazine that accepts poetry, short story, book reviews, and prose to be published on their website AND micro-poetry to be published on their Instagram feed. 📝📖 Merak Magazine is looking for volunteer writers! Merak Magazine also occasionally interviews talented individuals and showcases them on their platform! ⭐️ Read at merakmag.com and contact @merakmag if you’d like to submit one of your works to be featured 💫💜 - #science  

Resource Innovation Institute (@resourceinnovation) Instagram Profile Photo

Resource Innovation Institute

We’re really excited to announce that Robert Elam of @7pointsoregon will be speaking at our next Efficient Yields event in Portland, on September 26. Robert has been a cultivator for 13 years specializing in indoor products and is the Co-Owner and President of 7 Points Oregon. 7 Points is an indoor cultivation facility in Portland, Oregon, founded in 2014. Their mission is to elevate the potential of their plants with emphasis on quality. This is a free event thanks to @energytrustor. Go to resourceinnovation.org to RSVP and learn more. #science

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