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Homestead In The Highlands (@homestead_in_the_highlands) Instagram Profile Photo

Homestead In The Highlands

Today I went live for an hour on our YouTube channel whilst I was spending some time assessing the fleece that had come off the sheep this year. I talked about my thoughts on the length, thickness, texture of each of the different fleeces as well as carded a small piece and spun a small piece on a drop spindle As a new fibre farm, I assessing the usability of each different fleece and talk a bit about the reeds of sheep they ce from and how I expect to use each of these different types of fleece in my work. The breeds if sheep the fleece ce from and so were discussed were Soay, Dorset, Rouge, Welsh Mountain x Mule, Valais Blacknose x Greyfaced Dartmoor, Jacob and Kerry Hill. #soay

Oli Beständig (@olibest) Instagram Profile Photo

Oli Beständig

Málaga Cathedral

Stunning visit in Málaga. Words can’t explain all the beauty this place holds for us. Wearing my skirt made by @soay_products and top by @carpedmfashion. Both this girls are extremely talented, so please check them out and see what they do!❤️🙏🏼 visit #soay

Dalsia uzasna fotka od mojej best @olibest ❤😍 Co poviete na tuto farebnu hackovanu suknu vyrobenu na mieru? Ak mate v hlave svoj vysnivany kusok, dajte mi vediet a vasu predstavu mozem zhmotnit 😊 #soay

Aj taketo saty mozete mat rucne vyrobene zo Soay dielnicky... Su pohodlne, sexi a mozem povedat, ze sa v nich da pretancovat cela noc ☝️💃🏾😀 Viac info poslem do spravy 🏷 ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ #soay

Paul Weil (@wi_and_wo) Instagram Profile Photo

Paul Weil

More please! Olympic and Parsley and the rear part of Athena. Putting them in for the night. #soay

Katharina Tudsen (@katharinatudsen) Instagram Profile Photo

Katharina Tudsen

St. Kilda

Soay as seen from The Cambir on Hirta and from boat. The name Soay means "sheep island" which is a very fitting name considering the fact that Soay was and still is home to the Soay Sheep, one of the most primitive breed of domestic sheep that were brought to the island by the Norsemen or the Vikings. It is the 2nd largest island of the St Kilda archipelago, separated from Hirta only by a narrow chasm. #soay

Dalsou z noviniek #Soay je aj tento off shoulder croptop v krasnej ziarivej modrej... Je to velkost S/M a je ihned k odberu 🏷 Cierna sukna oblecie velkost S/M/L a je tiez k odberu Viac info poslem do spravy ✔ Model: @kicikolevamiriam

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