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Kelsey Dickerson (@kelseylee_d) Instagram Profile Photo

Kelsey Dickerson

Anita Stemmet (@stemmetanita97) Instagram Profile Photo

Anita Stemmet

Then VS now!! Little Blossom came in being shot and bitten by hyenas after seeing how poachers hacked off her mothers horn...this little girl has come a far way! #stoppoaching

Hiral Vasa (@hiralvv) Instagram Profile Photo

Hiral Vasa

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Witnessed history this week at @olpejeta . Definitely the mostttt hopeful I’ve felt in a while. Credit where it’s due, and couldn’t help but tie this to these superhumans, without whom I believe, we wouldn’t be witnessing this day! . Meet James - The epitome of ‘If you want to change the system, be in the system!!’ James has dedicated his life to the welfare and well-being of the last few Northern White Rhinos. But it don’t end there! Being an influencer is not measured by your likes and comments, it is measured by how willing you are to get your hands dirty, get out there, and pay it forward by sharing and spreading the knowledge you have! . James got the opportunity to travel the world, and rightly so, and did he influence and inspire, or what? He met kids and adults from all over and shared his immeasurable knowledge of how everything is in balance, how all our oblivious nature related actions have direct and adverse effects on our very existence and mainly, how we need to immediately move from the talking stage to the action stage. He was there witnessing the demise of the LAST male Northern white rhino - trust me when I say this, you need to listen to what he has to say!! We don’t have the luxury of time we all think we do!! @jemu_mwenda . I got my share of this inspiring conversation on a walk we took, and I’m coming back for lots lots more!! 💚🙏🏽 . #stopPoaching

Lou Baines (@baines_lou) Instagram Profile Photo

Lou Baines

Loved this little rhino so much 😍😍😍

Animal Defenders🐳 (@saving.oceans) Instagram Profile Photo

Animal Defenders🐳

Take a guess, what’s six feet long and has 300 teeth?

Ida Fong 🎶🎸💕 (@scdadafong) Instagram Profile Photo

Ida Fong 🎶🎸💕

Save critically endangered species 🙏🌏 @amivitale • • • • • • Photos by @amivitale. In a historical undertaking, a consortium of the world's leading experts from @leibnizizw Avantea, @safariparkdvurkralove and @kenyawildlifeservice performed the first ever pick up on Fatu and Najin, the last living northern white rhino on the planet at @olpejeta conservancy in northern Kenya. This procedure, never before performed on any northern white rhinos, could mark that instant when these creatures were brought back from certain extinction. At this very moment, the precious ova are being rushed to Italy where they will eventually be matured and fertilized with frozen northern white rhino to become embryos which could then be transferred into the southern white rhinos who could gestate the embryos. If this new technology is successful, it could bring this critically endangered species BACK FROM EXTINCTION. This has been a ten year journey, sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes sublime as I followed the last northern white rhinos alive on the planet from @safariparkdvurkralove in the Czech Republic to Kenya's @olpejeta back in 2009. Witnessing what was believed to be end of the species with the death of Sudan, the very last male northern white rhino, last year broke my heart into a million pieces. Now, I share the news that these incredible human beings are on the cusp of saving the species. I have hope that we are waking up and understanding our responsibility to protect this planet. @bmbf.bund @biorescue_project @leibnizgemeinschaft @MinistryOfTourismAndWildlifeKE @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @thephotosociety @nikonusa #StopPoaching

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