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It doesn’t. We are and always will be committed to making our health centers a place where our patients are treated equaly with respect and support, and where no one experiences discrimination due to who they are. ✊🙅‍♀️

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Accurate depiction of us at the polls, voting out anti-choice politicians who have eroded our

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This excerpt is from a powerful story submitted by Vanessa Norton. Read the rest of her story at our website 2plusabortions.com. I had a miscarriage when I was 18, and abortion at 19. I was young, socially isolated, very fertile, living with my boyfriend at the time and working a minimum wage job with no health benefits, I had very little access to birth control. I easily got pregnant. We had so little money, we used to steal condoms from CVS. $7 a pack was a lot of money for us. We even stole food. We lived in Baltimore, and I didn't know how to access what little free reproductive healthcare was available. Then we moved to Detroit, which was in a similar economic state, maybe even worse. That's where I had the abortion at 19. Luckily, because I had defended the clinic from Anti-Abortion thugs, the clinic gave me a free abortion. It was totally unpleasant. The doctor was rushed because he had to serve several clinics that morning. It was 1993 and abortion providers were afraid for their lives so there weren't many to go around. I was frightened. I remember talking to another patient who had had more than one and already had a child. She was planning to go straight to work afterward. The abortion was a quick, painful experience and I remember being angry to see that my boyfriend had left the waiting room to go to McDonald's while I was having the abortion. It was raining that day and we drove to a house of a friend and I chilled out for the day. I felt angry at my boyfriend for not having to suffer. I felt sad but not exactly because of the loss of pregnancy. In retrospect, the fact that the experience was unprepared for, unprocessed, and unsupported made it so much harder than it needed to be. The culture of support didn't really exist yet. It was all about getting it over with. #StopTheBans

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Sunday same as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday trash days Norestfortheresistanceville

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Oh woman . Remember who you are . Woman . It is the whole Earth . ~Mirabai Starr 🌿 This is the very essence of the feminine principal. She is being for the sake of being. She is beauty for the sake of beauty. We are entwined with the Earth. We belong to her, and we are her. If the Earth is sacred, then so are we. If we are sacred, then so is she. 🌿 Are we going to stand by while she buns to the ground? While we burn to the ground? Will we do nothing while she is and pillaged to line the pockets of wealthy white men? While our brothers and sisters are driven to extinction and the very air we breathe is stolen from us? 🌿 As woman we have been entwined with the Earth since the very beginning. From the fall of Eve to the very idea that the land must be conquered, domesticated, and . It is time to rise up, sisters. It is time to take back control of our bodies. It is time to reclaim our souls. 🌿 #stopthebans

It Just Got Harder to Get Birth Control in America Title X made sure poor women could have access to health care. The Trump administration has compromised that. At the same time, making it harder for women to get birth control isn’t an accidental side effect of this rule change. Current and former members of the administration have expressed opposition to birth control, and one of only three new recipients of Title X grants this year is a Catholic-affiliated group that does not provide contraception beyond guidance on the so-called rhythm method. This whole sorry affair is a reminder that while many Americans are rightly afraid of a future without reproductive rights, in some ways that future is already here. Some of the most dangerous threats to reproductive rights have been creeping up on us for years. will continue to fund abortions and emergency contraceptives in all 50 states. Help us fund more by donating at wrrap.org/donate. Now more than ever we need you to stand with us to support those who need us. Make a difference in a patient’s life today by giving as generously as you can to WRRAP. #StoptheBans a difference

Pro-lifers who use the argument of ‘adoption’ when it debating the topic of abortion can truly be the most hypocritical people. They say put the baby up for adoption but do not adopt. If they truly want to save a foetus, they will go into an adoption clinic and tell the mother that they will adopt her baby. That they will pay for all of the medical bills and vitamins. But, yet, they don’t. Because, number one; they don’t care about the baby once it is born, and number two, they only really care about controlling women. #StopTheBans

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