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Empire OG - Strangekiss

Petersen Automotive Museum

MINER - PINK ROLL DOWN AT OHRBACH’S - CIRCA 1988 • Some pictures just speak for themselves or have a story, well... This was one of the first and one of largest roll downs to ever happen in LA’s West Side and this was the first of one that MINER said he wanted to do in a month or less... Did he? Yes he did! • My tag and mini piece are from an exploded can is on one the poles with a faint outline. I was there with GREM and ROB ONE. Over the years people have asked why is GREMS tag, so clean and ROBS sideways. Simple my homies Rob didn’t like heights. The one thing that I loved about ROB was that he was always chill, but also aware. I miss ya brother. Take care of Never OG. • < nah @westcoastartists #strange

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