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Kaitlyn McMaster (@iktmc) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaitlyn McMaster

Rockbridge Alum Springs - A Young Life Camp

Rockbridge, thank you for changing my life through these sweet friends. I could have not asked for a better first assignment. These kids showed me what it looked like to choose joy everyday and be gracious to others. I loved laughing, cleaning and being wild with you all. 💕 #stumpdump (Also wish I could have tagged every single human being but insta won’t let me. 🙄)

Chris Ryan Johnson (@chrisryan_johnson) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Ryan Johnson

Rockbridge Alum Springs - A Young Life Camp

Wow. Words can’t accurately describe what a true joy it was to serve at Rockbridge this past month! We learned so much, worked a ton and had one heck of a fun time doing it! Until next time, friends. #stumpdump

Without a doubt, got REAL yesterday afternoon and evening! What started out as the inaugural run of the AirCurtainBurner turned into a dang fiery inferno. Certainly was not the plan to catch everything on fire, but that's what happened. Can't say thanks enough to the great volunteer fire departments of , , , & . Also very grateful for my awesome crewmembers! Sincere apologies to my local neighbors for all the smoke and commotion. As I always say for one reason or another, never a dull moment at farm.... #stumpdump

TONIGHT! Don't miss our special report on the science behind the stump dump. #stumpdump

Charles Landon Hauser (@scout.hauser) Instagram Profile Photo

Charles Landon Hauser

Looking at you lookin at me. @jonesla1

You guys!!! It's been a YEAR since Pammy gave us a heart attack, a year since Kenny ruined the day of a worker at Florida Aid to Animals with a crying voicemail, a year since Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital saved Mama and all five kittens. So crazy. I miss all those little kit-kats with all my heart. They're all happy and healthy and s to the bone. If expect nothing less. aka #stumpdump

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