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Frisch ist es heute morgen bei uns 🔆... Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Donnerstag 💚🌸 Am Sonntag fahre ich mit einer Busgruppe unseres Vereins in den und zu nach Schleswig-Holstein. Seid ihr schon einmal da gewesen? Ich freue mich schon sehr 😊 #sukkulenten

Irina  Tolubenko (@irinatolubenko) Instagram Profile Photo

Irina Tolubenko

Kharkov, Ukraine

Не только фиалки и розы... Цветёт Mammillaria Dolichothele. Много лет назад с этого кактуса началось моё увлечение цветами. Думаю, что этот кактус будет жить у меня всегда. На продажу есть детки. , , , , , , , , , , #sukkulenten

Paula Hemingray-Gale (@nursing_succulents) Instagram Profile Photo

Paula Hemingray-Gale


This is nearly the size of the chair seat it was sat on earlier. From the centre outwards, the green has an ombre effect that is quite subtle - but cool! . This was labelled as an Echeveria Black Knight or Black Prince - although ive been informed that it's a Fred Ives. It definitely doesn't feel like a graptoveria though so I really don't know!! . Currently has one bloom left🌼 that's now flowered... need to cut that off. Also has 2 new blooms🌼🌼 growing. Also has one pup🌱 which is about level with the soil and just about to pop up! . So, what is this plant? Answers on a postcard please! Ok - in the comments below will be fine!😝 Thank you! . . . . . . . . . . . . .   #sukkulenten

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