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Awesome birthday present from my gorgeous amazing wife. It's a Tactile Turn Glider pen in brass. Love it baby :D glider

Everyday Clayton (@everyday_clayton) Instagram Profile Photo

Everyday Clayton

New acquisition: #tactileturnglider @tactileturn

Gear so nice I carried it twice . . . #tactileturnglider

šŸ„‚Champagne Taste, Beer BudgetšŸ» (@willis.t.s) Instagram Profile Photo

šŸ„‚Champagne Taste, Beer BudgetšŸ»

Beautiful pens from @tactileturn. The Titanium Glider arrived today with its impressive Damascus steel/titanium bolt! A unique pattern in every version of this bolt made due to the mixture of alloys ā› head over and check out Tactile Turnā€™s website for some awesome pens and materials!

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