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TaxSmart Accounting

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TOP-SLICING RELIEF: When an individual cashes in a non-qualifying life assurance policy, they receive a lump sum which has accrued over the life of the policy. Whilst a somewhat complex relief, it is crucial that you see an accountant to ensure that you claim back any overpaid tax. . . . Relief

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Bermusafir ke Kluang. Booth Simpanan Unit Amanah www.wasap.my/60187766315 www.wasap.my/60187766315 www.wasap.my/60187766315 Zarina Binti Mohd Zaini Your .1 Unit Trust Consultant 🎯💪🏻💪🏻 www.wasap.my/60187766315 www.wasap.my/60187766315 www.wasap.my/60187766315 Zarina Binti Mohd Zaini Your .1 Unit Trust Consultant 🎯💪🏻💪🏻 #TaxRelief

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Currently not Collectible status or, , is a way to defer payment of . This is used for those who are in a state of financial hardship. The status is meant to be in place until the individual’s situation improves. For example, unemployed individuals often seek CNC status from the . Read more on our blog ➡️ Link In Bio #TaxRelief

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Strategic Tax Relief™

Strategic Tax Relief

Our client contacted us owing over $27,000 in tax liability, penalties, and interest for tax years 2011 to 2017. The first step was to reduce his tax liability. Unfortunately, due to tax laws, we are only able to amend 2016 and 2017. 💻📱💰⚖️ . IRS approved our 2016 amendment, knocking off $2,820.00 off the tax bill. Stay tuned for more! . Relief

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Premier Tax Relief

It’s Best if You E-File! E-filing can save trees, time, and money for the IRS and for you. However, there are a few instances in which you must file a paper return. - themuse . For more information visit: www.themuse.com . . . relief

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Siti Raeisha

Pengajaran untuk kita semua, tak kira income masyuk ke, tak masyuk ke, kena pandai urus. . Asingkan sekurang-kurangnya 10%-30% dari income untuk simpanan, kecemasan dan perlindungan. . Adik2 muda bujang lagi tu belum banyak komitmen mulalah dengan 30% dek. Tak salah nak enjoy, nak reward diri tapi berpada2 la ye. #TaxRelief

Tips for taxpayers who have tax issues after filing their taxes #taxrelief While the federal income tax filing deadline has passed for most people, there are some taxpayers still facing tax-related issues. This includes taxpayers who haven’t paid their taxes and those who are waiting for their refund. Here are some tips for handling some of the most typical after-tax-day issues. Here’s how taxpayers can:

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