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₳ⱠɆJØ₴ ₳ⱠɆӾ ฿Ɽ₳₦ (@aa_bran) Instagram Profile Photo

₳ⱠɆJØ₴ ₳ⱠɆӾ ฿Ɽ₳₦

108° F

NFA GALLERY! 📸🖼️ (@stampgang) Instagram Profile Photo


As promised (one day late, I know) “there was probably a problem at the post office or something” my barrel came a day later than expected, but this is my latest NFA toy. FNH P90 SBR. I’ve wanted this for a very long time and I made it happen this year. @fn_america #taxstamp @stampgang Reposted from @frost.tactical

Rugged Suppressors (@ruggedsuppressors) Instagram Profile Photo

Rugged Suppressors

The Radiant762 is titanium with 2 Stellite blast baffles. This awesome combination allows the Radiant to surpass the US SOCOM Firing Schedule while only being 12.5 oz.

Centerfire Shooting Sports

New muzzle brake, courtesy of @jmaccustoms. Definitely lives up the the loud and flashy name.

Brandon Huntley (@bmh556) Instagram Profile Photo

Brandon Huntley

these two short foldie bios on . Sig MCX 10” 556 with an Omega 300 and Sig MPX 4.5” 9mm with an Omega 9k, both with Holosun 503cu sitting on geissele mounts👊🏼 #taxstamp

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