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Harrison Hughes (@lifeofharrison) Instagram Profile Photo

Harrison Hughes

I'm finally able to pick up the dot and reliably hit the target. In my experience using a red dot on a rifle is easy but it takes effort and a lot of practice to use one on a handgun. My Holosun 507c definitely has helped my struggles with my cross eye dominance. (I'm right handed left eye dominant) Next I need to work on my reload and draw speeds. Edit: I need some good training and a proper shot timer. . . . . . #trijicon

Adry Dusty (@adry_dusty) Instagram Profile Photo

Adry Dusty

Toy for boy. Very funny custom for dynamic shooting, learning slowly new skills. Glock17/Polymer80 frame / threaded barrel / Ameriglo sights / Trijicon RMR / ZEV trigger / Taran Tactical Innovation Extended mag pad / SureFire X300 1000ls #trijicon

Jeremy Tye (@jeremytye) Instagram Profile Photo

Jeremy Tye

Hit the range this morning with a few friends and a couple @sonsoflibertygw rifles. Happy to say that both guns ran 100% as expected. I’ve lost count of how many rounds I’ve put through the 16” gun with FDE furniture, but it’s got to be north of 5k by now. Still runs like a champ, and it holds 1/2” @ 50 yards with Speer duty ammo and an Aimpoint. Can’t really ask for more than that from a patrol rifle. Hit up the guys at SOLGW if you’re LE, they offer some unbeatable incentives for work rifles. @imediatrooper with @get_repost ・・・ Went out shooting this morning with a buddy of mine who is a competition shooter. We had 2 @sonsoflibertygw M4-EXO2’s running out on the range that performed flawlessly. I added 2 videos to this post, can you guess which guy is the comp shooter, hint, if you blink you will miss it. #trijicon

ERA3 Armory (@era3_armory) Instagram Profile Photo

ERA3 Armory


The 42" Nomad Utility case and a couple of shorties is a match made in NFA heaven. ⠀ - ⠀ #trijicon

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