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Atlanta, Georgia

Goorin bros hat Hermes Scarf Harmonious CBD Probably reverse that order for who I'm the biggest fan of. Harmonious I couldnt shout these guys out enough. The best CBD products money can buy with the labs to prove it. Owned by someone who's now a homie and have helped me out tremendously when I was trying to learn, then even more when I needed the products myself. I'll always support these guys. Hermes, the best leather money can buy with a history to prove it. A legend that still puts quality before everything. Making genuinely good investment products still to this day. Goorinbros. Well.. atleast the hat looks nice? And heres some more hashtags I stole. #usnstagram

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Brian Nadeau

Finally finished this one up. This will be my USN auction knife. Which will end on Friday afternoon. I will open the here on instagram Monday night. Ill be spending the rest if the weekend trying to get decent picture of this. I think its time to get a light booth. Thanks for looking. 👊🏼👊🏼 . . . #usnstagram

Workin on the truck with this guy. #usnstagram

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