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Peter Carlson (@zpcarlso) Instagram Profile Photo

Peter Carlson

One of the stages from the Illinois section #uspsa

Blake Miguez (@blake.miguez) Instagram Profile Photo

Blake Miguez

Loreauville, Louisiana

Look what arrived in the mail this week! The new SIG Romeo3 MAX red dot optic. I mounted them on my open guns today. I eager to try them out on the range this week! @sigsaueroptics @maxjmichel @akaicustomguns - #uspsa

Brian Irby (@irbyshooting) Instagram Profile Photo

Brian Irby

Mission 160 Range

A few stages from today! My first 100% clean match since I’ve started. Just so happens to be my first real match shooting carry optics. Obviously I have a lot to improve on, but this is a huge accomplishment/goal I’ve been working towards. Also moved up a class with the classifier today. Excited for this journey shooting carry optics! I also would like to say this was my first outdoor match using the @hunters_hd_gold glasses and the clarity is unreal! It makes everything so vivid! I would recommend them to anyone! Being a member of @practicalshootingtraininggroup is really starting to pay off!

Neil Mamaril  🇺🇸 🇵🇭 (@alphamikeneilshoots) Instagram Profile Photo

Neil Mamaril 🇺🇸 🇵🇭


This was a stage from my first carry optics match. I'm still super timid behind the dot and need to pick up the pace, but I'll surely get there. . . . . . . . . . #uspsa

Nick Amadio (@teamtuffnick) Instagram Profile Photo

Nick Amadio

First and probably only major match this year for me. Surprisingly did well! Be sure to support those that support us. @tuffproducts @springer_precision @3i_holsters @rudyprojectna @1_pro_shot_products @blackbulletsinternational @speedloaderzusa #uspsa

Josh Glastra Shooting Sports (@joshglastra_shooting) Instagram Profile Photo

Josh Glastra Shooting Sports

Renton Fish & Game Club Inc

Some time you just gotta blaze! Production stage win, and 9th across all divisions with 3 reloads :P. #uspsa

US Practical Shooting Assn (@theuspsa) Instagram Profile Photo

US Practical Shooting Assn

@mason_lane_shooting with @get_repost ・・・ Shot the #uspsa championship on Friday. #uspsa @sigsauerinc @benstoegerproshop @henning_group @philstrader

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