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Sam Ruslan (@sam_ruslan) Instagram Profile Photo

Sam Ruslan

Web-crawler. #webcrawler

Renato Costa (@renatoc369) Instagram Profile Photo

Renato Costa

The news and information of what came to be for @disney, @sony, and @marvelstudios deciding to change the fate of Tom HollandÔÇÖs @spiderman is without a doubt an unbelievable report to think about when looking back at the history Spidey has made for @marvel over the past 57 years in the comics, films and forms of media becoming the companyÔÇÖs Number One best superhero. Really hoping that all three companies can make a settlement deal be made keeping Peter Parker in the MCU as a new main state for more years to come #webcrawler

Mind Your Dirt­čî▒ (@mindyourdirt) Instagram Profile Photo

Mind Your Dirt­čî▒

Nothing says "summer fun times" like walking face first into a massive spider web. In which you know lies a fat creepy crawly that is likely now plastered to your face just oozing venom. ­čĽĚ´ŞĆ The shrill scream and fever-pitched and wild-armed dance of insanity really tells the neighbors how much you are enjoying the summer experience. Agreed? ­čĽĚ´ŞĆ Sleep well. ­čĽŞ´ŞĆ ­čĽĚ´ŞĆ ­čĽŞ´ŞĆ ­čĽĚ´ŞĆ ­čĽŞ´ŞĆ ­čĽĚ´ŞĆ ­čĽŞ´ŞĆ #webcrawler

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