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Maksym Moskalenko 🇺🇦 (@maxud908) Instagram Profile Photo

Maksym Moskalenko 🇺🇦

Спортивный стрелковый клуб Steel Argument

Утро доброе, если это утро в Спортивный стрелковый клуб Steel Argument!:) #weday

FAN ACCOUNT🖤 (@drugsforselena) Instagram Profile Photo


Although now @ddlovato is on @scooterbraun team I still admire her and support her I think in music industry it does not matter the team you are in the artist itself can inspire you and music is music for me I don't care about all the personal issues they go through but except the healthy part matters well I'm wishing Demi a happy 27th birthday enjoy it you deserve the best love you queen🖤🤙🏻 ~ ~ ~ Follow for more (@drugsforselena) @selenagomez #WEDAY

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