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Karolina Kreegimäe (@karolinakrgm) Instagram Profile Photo

Karolina Kreegimäe

Plain Sailing Elwood

Couldn’t ask for a more perfect breakfast #wheninmelbourne

Mount Buller, Victoria

Happy 6 months old, love 💕 . Mummy love you baby chubbbb 😘. Mana belajar posing lagutu nakkk oiiii. Kemain. . #wheninmelbourne

Social Influenza (@thehangryhero) Instagram Profile Photo

Social Influenza

Koko Black Chocolate

Once you go black, well you know it goes. Ok bye. #wheninmelbourne

Levica Arifani Eldi (@levicaeldi) Instagram Profile Photo

Levica Arifani Eldi

Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park ❤️ #wheninmelbourne

André Raymundo (@andokito) Instagram Profile Photo

André Raymundo

Bayswater, Victoria

As a treat for my colleague's birthday, I made her a batch of dark chocolate brownies with salted dulce de leche swirls (she loves dulce de leche). Dulce de leche is basically Latin America's version of the caramel. Caramel is made up of sugar and water, while dulce de leche is made from cooking milk and sugar until it undergoes Maillard reaction (aka browning). A good hack to make easy dulce de leche is to gently simmer a can of condensed milk for two hours while making sure the doesn't overboil or run out of water. The taste greatly resembles the Pinoy yema. For this recipe, I've added more cocoa powder into the brownie batter and whipped sea salt flakes into the dulce de leche to balance the sweetness. After pouring in the brownie batter into the pan, I scooped several spoonfuls of the dulce de leche and I'm very happy on how well received it was in the office! #wheninmelbourne

Sydney, Australia

When we had post jazz petits fours 🎩 #wheninmelbourne

Somehow I see this store frightening to most men, and loved more by women. — What do I know... lol #wheninmelbourne

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