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👣 Trilhas & Natureza 🍃 (@natutrilhas) Instagram Profile Photo

👣 Trilhas & Natureza 🍃

Monika Nendaka (@nika_nen) Instagram Profile Photo

Monika Nendaka

Guillermo Esteves (@gesteves) Instagram Profile Photo

Guillermo Esteves

Grand Teton National Park

Wolf, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. June, 2019.

Animals Nation (@animals_nationlife) Instagram Profile Photo

Animals Nation

This picture was taken somewhere on the Indian highway where two elephants reach out to each other in a brief moment of love and bonding before being separated from each other for a lifetime of serving man. It’s well known that elephants value their family structure, perhaps more so than many other animals so when they get separated like this they feel immense sadness and . And despite scientists finding that elephants are capable of complex thought and deep feeling, they are being killed at an unprecedented rate (by some estimates up to 100 elephants are killed per day) or to be sold as labor to be used hauling logs in forest operations or in entertaining and giving rides to tourists. Those unable to work are killed for their meat, parts and ivory as roughly 90% of African elephants have been killed in the past century and the number of Asian elephants has declined by at least 50% in the last three generations alone. We MUST put an end to this beautiful species’ suffering so please share this post with your followers and tag people, especially unaware celebrities, who need to see it in the comments below! By spreading massive awareness about this sad situation, we can turn things around and come up with potential solutions to save the elephants before it’s too late as at the current rate, they are set to become extinct in the next decade or so if nothing is done! ———————————————— Follow @animals_nationlife For more 👍 Follow @animals_nationlife For more 👍 ———————————————— Credit : @karmagawa ———————————————— planet

Animals GeoLife (@animals_geolife) Instagram Profile Photo

Animals GeoLife

Green Vine Snake // The Asian Vine Snake is the master of camouflage! They are basically a living vine! It helps them not only stay hidden from predators but also to ambush lizards and tree frogs, their favorite snacks. They are mildly venomous, not enough to be considered particularly dangerous to humans, but enough that they don’t constrict— they chew the venom into their prey using grooved fangs at the upper rear of their jaw. They are truly living art! ———————————————— Follow @animals_geolife For more ✅ Follow @animals_geolife For more ✅ Follow @animals_geolife For more ✅ ———————————————— Photo by : @devendragogate_official ———————————————— planet

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