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Alyssa Adler (@alyssamadler) Instagram Profile Photo

Alyssa Adler

In a place where the wildflowers grow chest-high and dilapidated wooden buildings bleach in the sun. Where human footprints have been replaced with perennial bear tracks, paths which generation after generation ceremoniously follow to say “I here”. Kchatka, you feel truly wild.

Kelcie Severs (@kelcie_severs) Instagram Profile Photo

Kelcie Severs

Emerald Ash Borer treatments came to an end at the beginning of August. I do miss injecting trees already! ❤ Yes it was humid and yes that is sweat 😂 . . . For those just tuning in, the emerald ash borer is an invasive insect which targets ash tree species. Its larvae eats the cambium layer of the tree, which is the life that provides the trees nutrients, and then proceeds to emerge through the bark and adults. The holes left behind leaves the remainder of the tree open to diseases and other insects to get into it. Then, the adults take it a step further by eating the trees canopy leaves from top to bottom. This leaves behind a tall dead standing tree with no leaves or life left in it. These treatments include injecting chemicals which are soaked up by the tree and take out the larvae who try to feast on the tree. I have the chemical in the bucket I'm carrying. . . . #womanscientist

Natasha D 👩🏻‍🎓 (@_womanmeetsacademia) Instagram Profile Photo

Natasha D 👩🏻‍🎓

🏕 • Today was chaos. The stress of deadlines are looming. I almost canceled our cping trip but so glad I forced myself to go. Maybe I had to work for an hour and set up a dumb wifi hotspot in the woods but my heart and mind are instantly at peace here. Ready for some calm and quality time with my fiancée 🥰 . . • #womanscientist

Only I know about these days is bank I now officially a #WomanScientist

Bruno Francisco (@bruno.francisco.545) Instagram Profile Photo

Bruno Francisco

Unesp - Faculdade de Ciências

Leticia é pesquisadora na área de ensino de botânica! #womanscientist

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