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The Dreamer Mum

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Anushka Barhe (Anuradha)

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Chiropractor In Bakersfield

You are not here to please other people. Be you. Love yourself. Those who are meant to be in your life will come and stay. - - - - - #words

Dear Ayushmann, Whether it's a good day or bad, whether I in a good mood or bad mood, annoyed or whatever, when I hurt and want to heal myself, when I in chaos and want to soothe myself, when I lose hopes and want to inspire myself, when I see failing love & trust and I want to build them more strong, when I broken and want to gather and join myself. . And maybe there are many more things like these, many more feelings like these, many more moods like these. . Maybe sometimes situations change, mood swings from one to other, feelings become strange and I become a stranger for myself. But your words, your music, your songs and your soulful voice are always constant. Thank You for being an inspiring artist and an inspiring person. . Just one of your die hard fan and an artist. Thank You for inspiring Sir.. @ayushmannk #words

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