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Charleen Gribben (@cgribben) Instagram Profile Photo

Charleen Gribben

Yavapai Vista

Awesome views, also a chance to catch my breath!! #yavapaivista

thephotosociety (@thephotosociety) Instagram Profile Photo


Photo by @MichaelGeorge // What happens when an environment becomes too beloved? Sedona, Arizona is a magical place that has long attracted visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the red rocks. Certain trails and iconic locations have begun to deteriorate because of the ever-increasing volume of traffic. In an effort to save the environment, Sedona has released the 'Sedona Secret 7,' a website and program that outlines less crowded trails and locations. Exploring the Secret 7 is a benefit for all: Visitors get to experience the beauty without too many people, and the environment gets a chance to regenerate. While on assignment for @natgeotravel I rolled out of bed, into the car, and stumbled over vague red rocks in the dark to catch the Yavapai Vista Trail at sunrise. My assistant and I were totally alone as we watched this gorgeous area come alive. These images are of a few twisted branches that I fell in love with between naps while waiting on a time-lapse video to finish. Patience (and rising early) are always a part of life in the field! // #yavapaivista

Lisa Engelman (@louderengel) Instagram Profile Photo

Lisa Engelman

Sedona, Arizona

This was one of the awesome views I enjoyed at Yavapai Vista in Sedona today! . . . #yavapaivista

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