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Thomas Aerts (@hermano_santi) Instagram Profile Photo

Thomas Aerts

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Ashanti Newman

Amanda Kingsley (@amandastarkingsley) Instagram Profile Photo

Amanda Kingsley

When we choose love...⠀ ⠀ Fear says, "How dare you?"⠀ Love says, "You matter."⠀ ⠀ Fear says, "You're selfish."⠀ Love says, "You matter."⠀ ⠀ Fear says, "I'll punish you."⠀ Love says, "Let's grow." ⠀ ⠀ Who are you listening to? ⠀ Love or Fear?

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My new tags for my harness! You like?? 😺😺🎁 thanks mom! #youknowme

Jules HH (@julesyhh) Instagram Profile Photo

Jules HH

Too effing funny for words!! @robhsbcfire and @michellehsb you so nailed it this year #youknowme

🌟YogaLovingWanderer🌟 (@yogalovingwanderer) Instagram Profile Photo


Planet Earth

When life gives you Lemons 🍋 A GIRL to COFFEE ☕️ 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I’m not going to lie is my goto drink in the morning. The first thing i find myself doing is reaching for that coffee machine... I love my coffee and that won’t ever change, but I’m really trying to make THIS☝️my first hot drink of the day. So many benefits in one little cup! Hot water, Lemon, and a sprinkle of Himalayan Salt. That’s it.. So simple and It’s such a soothing drink especially in this lovely Green Le Creuset Mug ( my fave colour ) #youknowme @joannalouiseshea My good friend works for them. I lucked out with one of my birthday pressie’s this year 🤣 @lecreuset Have a beautiful day all 🌟🌟🌟

#youknowme Hope you enjoy it. thanks for watching & don't forget to follow & like.

Angel Sax Cuevas 🎷🇩🇴 (@angel_sax14) Instagram Profile Photo

Angel Sax Cuevas 🎷🇩🇴

Espaillat Province

Sube El telón y se encuentra es Tipo con un en las manos , haciendo melodías que envuelven el oído , y endulzan con locura los corazones . La Obra El Saxofonista De Los Encantos Sweet melody 🎷♥️🍷🎷😘 #YouKnowMe

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