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Not Mothers Day but I thought this was interesting rights

Just because it has a heartbeat doesn’t mean it’s a human being... rights

More baking for the cause! Sugar and Spice and Reproductive Rights 💕💕💕 #abortionrights 💕💕💕

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The Freya Project

Being immersed in someone else’s experience is a privilege. ▫️ There is such dynamic power in listening, in being a witness to another person's truth, and in understanding something new. ▫️ This love of storytelling is one of the biggest reasons we started The Freya Project — this belief that there is an alchemical miracle that occurs every time a person opens their mind to another's story. ▫️ Thoughts change, action becomes possible, and most importantly, progress is made. ▫️ Words become power, and stories change the world. By helping us raise $5,000 by August 6th, you can make sure we keep telling stories and inspiring more people to action. Help out at the link in bio! //

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