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Marvin Krampe (@marvin.krampe) Instagram Profile Photo

Marvin Krampe


@aopfanclub came over for the European Have Heart shows. Didn’t disappoint. Always a pleasure to see em rock around. @triplebrecords

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Wissam Douglas

Sometimes As Leader must ask yourself Why Am Losing My Place As Real Leader ? Your actions as against our exposed and !!! Thank You for showing us the dirtiness level of your leadership against our people and youth !!!! leadership #abuseofpower

Abuse of Power // @ reunion, 21.07.19 #abuseofpower punk They were so good !

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HurtPatient #PsychiatristAbuse

I GIVE UP. * * ABOUT ME: I have Complex PTSD & was abused by the Psychiatrist I went to for help. It was incredibly damaging & left me broken & . He is a Narcissistic Sociopath who used his position of power to prey on vulnerable patients. This happens more often than most people realise but it is rarely spoken about; almost never reported; and poorly managed when it is! * My blog was about my journey, fight for justice & trying to raise awareness & provide information and warnings about this despicable crime. * I tried but of course one broken person can’t make a difference in the giant system of Mental Health Care! * I wish you all well Hurt Patient. ❤️ * Related: #abuseofpower

Full video at link in bio or copy paste https://bit.ly/2M7iONI Triple B is over, what comes next for roundups of for the rest of fiscal year. What you'll see, what you wont. #abuseofpower

Weekend has come to an end (I know I’m a little bit to late)! I had the chance to see the most important band in my life for two times in Germany. I also managed it to catch Shirokuma and State Faults on their Euro tour. But back to Have Heart: I have never experienced such an incredible energy on a show and I can’t even describe the emotions I’ve felt during their first show I’ve been to. It still feels like a dream! I know I’m privileged and I will never ever take this for granted. Just hoping this experience will stay forever with me. #abuseofpower

Riley Hogan-Tejera (@thekingofghidorahs) Instagram Profile Photo

Riley Hogan-Tejera

Day 1 of Have Heart was a time! Best band of the night aside from Have Heart was Brother! That band blew me away! Abuse of Power was also pretty awesome! Anxious put on a good show too! One Step Closer did some good covers! Not only did they do sone Inside Out but they also broke out their Poor Choice cover! Overall, it was a good night with record breaking stage dive numbers! Hope the women's shelter did well from this and ICE! #abuseofpower

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