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Miami Accident Attorneys

Not sure if you can file a claim after you’ve been hit while riding your bicycle? 🚴⁠ -⁠ Our new blog post has all the information you need to help you file a successful bicycle crash claim. Check it out! 🧐⁠ -⁠ 📲 | @1800vincent ⁠ ☎️ | CALL (800) 846-2368 ⁠ ☎️ | TEXT (941) 402-5331⁠ 🖥️ | Link in Bio⁠ -⁠ #accidentlawyer

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Pan Law Group, Inc.

Laguna Niguel, California

In pedestrian versus vehicle accidents, often times the investigating officer will cite the pedestrian for violating Cal. Veh. Code Section 21954(a), which states that when outside of a crosswalk, a pedestrian must yield the right of way to vehicles. However, they omit CVC 21954(b), which states that the driver must exercise due care for the safety of all pedestrians on the roadway! If you were hit outside of a crosswalk as a pedestrian, you may still have a claim. Call Pan Law Group, Inc. at (949) 330-7620 for a free consultation.

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Law & Solution - Accidentes

What’s the difference between seeing a chiropractor and a primary care physician after you're involved in an accident? 🤔 Chiropractors are doctors, however, it all depends on the situation and the provider. 👍 If you're not sure where to go after an accident, it's always best to ask your attorney to make sure you'll get MAXIMUM compensation for your injuries❗️ 📲 877-777-7773 . . lawyer

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Louis DelSignore

London, Ontario

: Did you know you should leave a 2-second space between you and the car infront of you to prevent an accident? 🚙 If it’s raining, make sure to leave 4-seconds.

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Saban and Solomon Law Firm

Fast forward 40 years 😂 . #accidentlawyer

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Accident Law Group

When you walk into an establishment and there are slippery floors, you expect to see a Wet Floor sign to warn people that there is a slippery condition there. But what happens when there are no signs and you slip and fall in this condition, gaining a serious injury? You are able to hold the establishment liable if employees/management were aware of the slippery floors and did not act on it.

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