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diana gil (@dianagil) Instagram Profile Photo

diana gil

AJEET🎤🎤🎤 (@a_j_star_6233) Instagram Profile Photo


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Praseeth Nair

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Athletic&Aesthetic FitnessClub

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Diana Ballart

💫haleema sadiya👑🌹 (@__dare_to_dare__) Instagram Profile Photo

💫haleema sadiya👑🌹

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Sladke Petke Foodblogger

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Marc San

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Utsav Jain

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Sparsh Meshram

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Tαƚιαɳα Veenstra

Sounds legit!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🐕⠀ #animallover

Did I hear treat?

Plaza y Janes Colombia SA (@plaza_y_janes_colombia) Instagram Profile Photo

Plaza y Janes Colombia SA

🐾 Libros que dan respuesta a los enigmas del comportamiento de tu mascotas basados en la ciencia. “En la Mente de un Perro” y “En la Mente de un Gato” ¡Son parte de nuestra familia! #Animallover @rba_libros

BIENESTAR PARA ANIMALES (@rasca.y.pica) Instagram Profile Photo


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Momento viernes por la noche: llegar a casa y acurrucarte con tu mascota. . Comenta un ♥️ si vos también esperas con ansias ese

VOZES EM LUTO (@vozes_em_luto) Instagram Profile Photo


Reposted from @casperhilt - If you look these intelligent and aware beings into their beautiful eyes and then think 'Oh no, who did this to them, why are they so scared?' Then the answer is you. If you buy animal products, you did this to them and you could just choose not to. 🌱 I took these pictures at the 5 day vigil at Sweden's biggest pig slaughterhouse in Kristianstad, which ended today. This is only pictures from one truck. The vigil was organized by @blomfagra / @skanepigsave 💚 Peace! @casperhilt ✌️ ▫️ #animallover

Stefanie O’Donnell Photography (@stefanieodphotography) Instagram Profile Photo

Stefanie O’Donnell Photography

Historic Wagner Farm

This is pure JOY! I have never known a child to love animals as much as this little girl loves animals! She has the absolute best reactions and expressions! . . . . . . . #animallover

Winkyfarm - Dianne (@winkyfarm) Instagram Profile Photo

Winkyfarm - Dianne

Good morning ☀️ Time for another portrait of Eek. She is just so beautiful and I’m talking about her as a soul ❤️. She has so much personality, right from day one she’s been so loving and always there. Now with her old age she don’t mind some alone time, but she’s always there to greet us when we arrive home, or follow us around the house just to be involved. When I walk the kids to school, she’ll often walk with us until we have to cross the road, then I’ll find her still there, waiting for my return, and we walk home together. Like a dog, she’ll go for walks with us, jumping in and out of bushes, disappearing here and there, and then when we think she’s gone home or lost, we’ll find her up ahead bathing in the sun waiting for us. My favourite is when she talks to us, it’s not a lot but it’s as if we understand each other. She has certain meows and we know exactly what she’s saying 🤷🏼‍♀️. Ok I’m going into crazy cat lady territory now so I’m going to just end my caption here...🐈 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #animallover

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