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Olaf Chaignard

Bye-bye Vegas et merci pour tout. #atelierrobuchon

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L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon Saint-Germain

17/20 🇫🇷 This dish gets such a high rating because it essentially redefined what should be expected from a black cod. I’ve had many black cod dishes in restaurants of all kinds and it always had a dense texture that breaks into “slices” (like cooked salmon) rather than uneven pieces. It’s always mostly chewy and the dish relies on the sauce (often too sweet). This was totally different! The texture was a little chewy but it was also fluffy and cloud like (if you can believe it). The focus of the dish was not the sauce, rather how the fresh cucumbers, the almost salty miso sauce and the caramelized and smoked eggplant complemented the black cod. Truly amazing, who knew a classic like this could be so surprising? I look forward to having it again! . . . . . . #atelierrobuchon

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Mathieu Taussac

Thank you Stephane for taking your time for this dinner with our Japanese friend who really wanted to thank you for having organized this VIP Tour of Airbus in Toulouse last year, and I know that your time is precious.#atelierrobuchon #

Arc of Triumph, Des Champs Élysées

Merci au chef Thierry Karakachian pour son accueil ! #atelierrobuchon

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