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London, United Kingdom

ICC Cricket World Cup Team Of The Tournament 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏆 #bbccricket

Edward Pailthorpe (@edwardpailthorpe) Instagram Profile Photo

Edward Pailthorpe

Lord's Cricket Ground

England. World Cup Winners 2019. #bbccricket

John Leung 梁仲賢 (@johnleungyyc) Instagram Profile Photo

John Leung 梁仲賢

Calgary, Alberta

ENGLAND WORLD CRICKET CHAMPION SWAGGER 🏏🏆 Whipped out my old @englandcricket’s 2008 ODI shirt today to celebrate England’s MASSIVE win over New Zealand yesterday in the @cricketworldcup Final. And no prizes for guessing who is on the back (no, it’s not @aflintoff11 — it’s @paulcollingwood5). It almost felt like a smash and grab victory after the mother of all nailbiters but after having to suffer thru two Australian World Cup wins (2007, 2015) it is amazing to finally see @eoinmorgan16 lift that trophy (and I admit that I was asleep for half of England’s innings after trying to stay awake thru NZ’s, time difference between & London and all that). It was so much of a nailbiter that when I saw on @espncricinfo’s commentary that @josbuttler ran Martin Guptill out to win, I literally screamed “GET THE BLOODY HELL IN” at the top of my lungs at the Weaselhead Pub (and terrifying some of their regulars and possibly a few @footsoldierssg who were with me at the time)! You’d never expect a Chinese dude in Calgary to have that much passion for cricket, didn’t you? . (And for those of you @blackcapsnz supporters out there — major commiserations, but I KNOW your time is coming. India and Australia best watch their backs! !) . . . @englandsbarmyarmy #bbccricket

Jack Gregory (@jackg29) Instagram Profile Photo

Jack Gregory

Lord's Cricket Ground

The pace of Jofra Archer (without the control), the strokes of Ben Stokes (without the power). • • Yesterday was up there as my joint favourite sporting event of all time. Hopefully it will inspire Ellz and Freyja (who can be seen fielding at backward point) into cricket and sport moving forwards. They have certainly been exposed to enough over the last 6 weeks! • • (I trying to tell him that’s a no ball but not quite there yet. @clawhouse is okay! 😂) • #bbccricket

Fergus the Turtus (@fergustheturtus) Instagram Profile Photo

Fergus the Turtus

Congratulations to @englandcricket 🏏 for winning the 2019 🏆 a special mention to @stokesy for a truly incredible contribution! Commiserations to @blackcapsnz on a fantastic tournament and performance in the . Neither team deserved to lose. . . . #bbccricket

Kia Oval Cricket Ground

England are World Chpions - a once in a generation moment. From the euphoric scenes of yesterday inside the fountains of Trafalgar Square, to now being sat inside The Oval on an overcast Monday morning, watching the trophy being paraded by Eoin Morgan in almost the exact spot this first photo was taken - it is all very surreal. To those who don’t know, The Oval is the place where my beloved best friend Toby Savill started a treasure hunt leading to his engagement to the wonderful Milly Coulson in August 2016. This too is the place where we celebrated after their perfect wedding on the Corinthian Roof Terrace in August 2017. Toby lived his dre of bowling a ball on the pitch that day - much to the stewards dismay. This is also the place where around 1,000 friends and fily gathered in the Micky Stewart pavilion after Toby and Milly’s funeral after they tragically lost their lives in April of this year. Toby would have loved every minute of yesterday and I absolutely devastated that I couldn’t share that moment with him. Anyone who has watched live cricket with Toby knows this was when he was at his twitchiest, frequently convulsing out of his seat to cheer or boo even the most unexceptional of moments - which was almost always followed by an apology to the people around him who had been elbowed or had their trodden on. What I would give to have bruised courtesy of that boy right now. It a huge deal to know I won’t sit with him here or at Lord’s in thirty years time, both a bit balder and fatter, lenting England’s glory year back in 2019. I miss you both so much. Still, I absolutely know you were there watching - no way Trent Boult would have stood on that rope without divine intervention. I love you brother. ❤️ #bbccricket

Zoë Hitchen (@zoehitchen) Instagram Profile Photo

Zoë Hitchen

Good times never seemed so good! 🏏 How we watch the Cricket these days 🤣 🍾 _ ... Did yesterday even happen? We did win the world cup didn't we? I didn't imagine it?! _ #bbccricket

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