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Event Base Ltd (@eventbasenz) Instagram Profile Photo

Event Base Ltd

For Plastic Free July, Event Base have teamed up as sponsors of @sustainablecoastlines to let the world know that single-use plastic bottled water ain’t cool. you know it. Challenge your colleagues to ditch the plastic drink bottle this July! #beatplasticpollution

Going Green Solutions (@goinggreensolutions) Instagram Profile Photo

Going Green Solutions

How warm is your house??⠀ .⠀ Staying warm is on all of our minds at this time of year! And there are lots of things you can do, so choose which will best suit your needs (maybe all of them!) and stay warmer this winter! ⠀ .⠀ 1. Improve the overall ability of your home to keep heat in. ⠀ You might have a great heating system, but if all your nice warm air is constantly leaking outside, you'll still be feeling the cold. This is called 'improving your building envelope' and includes things like adding better insulation in your ceiling, walls and underfloor, as well as closing draughts, and getting nice window coverings that reduce the heat moving through your glass. ⠀ .⠀ 2. Improve the ability of your to keep warmth in⠀ This is about having good clothing but it's really very similar to what you do for your home! Add insulation (good clothing), and stop draughts (make sure your clothing doesn't let air in or leave your midriff bare). ⠀ .⠀ 3. If you still need heat, get your own PHD - Personal Heating Device. ⠀ These are an energy efficient way to stay warm because they don’t require you warming the entire room, or at least not to as high a temperature. You can get heated seat pads (Image), heated throws to keep you warm while you snuggle on the couch (Image), and heated neck warmers (Image). And of course there's the old fashioned but awesome Hottie. ⠀ .⠀ And if you need some help working out how to help your home be as good as it can be at keeping warmth in, consider getting a Scorecard Energy Efficiency assessment done (link in the bio)

SEKECO_SIJI (@sekeco_siji) Instagram Profile Photo


Ayo awali kegiatanmu dengan sarapan. Pastikan makanan yang kita makan tidak menambah sampah plastik baru di lingkungan sekitar. SDN Kedung Cowek 1/253 siap memulai tahun pelajaran baru 2019/2020 dengan semangat zerowaste. . #beatplasticpollution . @tunashijauid @mochamadzamroni @dispendiksby @bram_azzaino

SMP Negeri 18 Surabaya

Hai kawan-kawan kegiatan panen kali ini berlanjut dengan panen buah. Buah yang akan di oanen kali ini adalah markisa. Markisa adalah buah yang ditanam di kebun belakang SMP Negeri 18 Surabaya. Demikian liputan hijau kali ini. Salam hijau dari SMP Negeri 18 Surabaya. #beatplasticpollution

she was raised by wolves (@she_was_raised_by_wolves) Instagram Profile Photo

she was raised by wolves

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Plastic free cotton buds? Yes please! Check out these Swisspers paper stemmed cotton tips purchased from my local Woolworths - too easy!!! 👌🏻🌿🌏 #beatplasticpollution

Fadilah Ali (@fadilahzali) Instagram Profile Photo

Fadilah Ali

This one is simple... avoid those individually plastic wrapped toilet paper rolls. Buy in bulk (you'll always have need for toilet paper) and reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging in your life! #BeatPlasticPollution

SMP Negeri 18 Surabaya

Kali ini agenda dari tim 18 hijau adalah memanen sawi yang ada di kebun belakang sekokah. Kegiatan memanen sawi ini selain meruapakn kegiatan rutin panen sayur juga meruapakan keguatan untuk menanankan jiwa ecopreneur siswa. Sawi yang telah dipanen dijual kepada guru, karyawan, dan wali murid yang bekeinginan untuk membeli. Semoga kita srlalu bisa melaksanakan kegiatan penghijauan.. Salam hijau dari SMP Negeri 18 Surabaya #beatplasticpollution

PloggaIndia (@ploggaindia) Instagram Profile Photo


Paris, France

We had the good fortune of presenting our project that took us to 5 countries last year at the Embassy of India in Paris, France. The idea was to promote plogging with focus on understanding country-specific waste management challenges and solutions. We spoke about a possible foreign exchange programme for plogging in India and France 🇫🇷 to promote cultural ties as well as understand waste management in our respective countries. Hopefully we shall soon see something concrete on this plan in the coming few months. Will keep you guys posted! #beatplasticpollution

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