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#Travel #Fashion #lifestyle (@photosbycris) Instagram Profile Photo

#Travel #Fashion #lifestyle

Chiara Colognola 水仙老師 (@chiara_colognola) Instagram Profile Photo

Chiara Colognola 水仙老師

Natura Maga® (@naturamaga) Instagram Profile Photo

Natura Maga®

María Del Rocio Bowden 🍒 (@mariebow.mua) Instagram Profile Photo

María Del Rocio Bowden 🍒

میکروبلیدینگ💋 Mahsa Glam (@mahsaglam) Instagram Profile Photo

میکروبلیدینگ💋 Mahsa Glam

RADIO SPEAKERINE 🎤 🎙 (@biotifunzaza) Instagram Profile Photo


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Marina Mouaren Van Mayer (@ms.m4rina) Instagram Profile Photo

Marina Mouaren Van Mayer

I get excited over the smallest things but this is something worth getting excited about 😀 I have peach fuzz hair all over my face and I hate it. I hate the way my makeup applys over it. It's not a pretty look. I used to go to the drugstore and pick up one of them trimmer eyebrow pen hair removers and they hurt so bad removing hair. I'm sure you have or own one. You can find them everywhere. Well mine stopped working a couple weeks ago and I'm so glad it did because I started looking on amazon for one that claimed NO PAIN and I found my new best friend!!!! . I received the Tanaab hair remover from @rebacca_louise . You just move it around your face and it removes all hair. Longer hairs you have to go over a few times to remove it completely.(slide left to see video) . To clean you open and use the cleaning brushes it comes with to remove all the hair. It's also waterproof so you can run it under warm water to clean. . 100% free 🥰 I just love how easy it is to use and how smooth my face feels after. . . . #beautycare

Melissa Taillon (@mtaillonesthetics) Instagram Profile Photo

Melissa Taillon

Ever wondered what a Booty Treatment involved? Here’s a look! This is also lovingly called the Tina Belcher and is the winner of last weeks Pop Culture Showdown 😍 💆🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♂️ 💆🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♂️ #beautycare treatment

Al Baghdadia Al Gharbia, Jeddah

The beauty of lashes is just how much less makeup you need! And how much better the rest of the makeup you may or may not use looks when it’s on! Just make sure that any product that goes on the extensions is oil-free and NOT waterproof. That way you can clean your lashes every night and not worry about your makeup affecting your retention!😊😊😊 Book your next appointment with Haya lashes at: https://fb.com/book/hayaeyelashesextension/! Like us : https://www.facebook.com/hayaeyelashesextension/ Follow us : https://instagram.com/haya_lashes_jeddah/ #beautycare

K I M B E R L E Y (@caffeineandcocopuffs) Instagram Profile Photo


My mind is trying to comprehend that I have 2 days off of work. On purpose. No illness, no broken car, no trip to the hospital. Just 2 days off. Hello to all the outfits I never get to wear. 🦋

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