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Cristiano Santos

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Loco Escrito

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Best Mangal Official

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Joy Wallace Catering & Design

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Joanna Garzilli

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Hustle Harder, Be A Boss!

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Kristin Miller

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Hubble Eventi

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Power Station at BerkleeNYC

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Tatiana Kombo

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Kelsey | Austin Food Blogger

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Peter Angione

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Dino Lloyd

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Rᴇʙᴇᴄᴄᴀ Uʏ

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Tahira N. The Well Champion

Tahira N. The Well Champion (@tahiragift) Instagram Profile Photo

Tahira N. The Well Champion

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Yoda done messed up this time 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣 . __________________________________ . 🧘🏾‍♂️💨🍃💫🤖👽🚀🛸...🔄🛂📖🚫📸🔛🎬😩😡🤬✒🗓 . ... sadly the bigger the sets the stricter the rules book, selfie popo erwhere! Reading the contract it's like " what!?...but the gram though, what does this part here mean 'no cameras; no pictures and videos on set' ...the gram needs pics and vids!! 😲😱😡😭" lol. . But hey, seen how this was a public 'space' (no pun 😂)we 'forced' matters (again, no pun😂)!...hence no capture of crew nor equipment as per usual format, so this ain't me puttin a private day out at the museum lol ,"We don't do that here"*Blek Penthe voice 🐯🤣* . . I call this episode " *Star Shows : The Sauce Reckons*" 🤣🤣😂.... have had these for a minute now and even accidentally deleted a few 😒. Seen how the collection missed the usual format (inclusion of crew and equip footage) added to the fact that given the 'environment' we actually had schemed a quick foreplan prior the guerilla type capture I later I embarked on an inquisitive journey that kept going till now, over probably the past 5 + weeks till a few days ago initially having finally found a good lightsaber app every couple of days I'd come back and come across another app and experiment... must say in conclusion, if you can stand all the pop up ads it's quite interesting how much you can do on a mobile these days! . Anyway!... was glad to find at least 1 other crazy person on a set of 15+ characters SMH... oh plus 1 other cool person. So 2 good people 😊. . . ■Production Budget: .🎥▪︎Hollywood ✅ .📽▪︎Bollywood ❌ .📸▪︎Nollywood❌ . . ●Camera(s) •VID 》Arri . . #BehindTheScenes . . (🤴🏾♾) "Art Is Only Abandoned, Art Is Not Abundant"

This was us making A- town Link in bio hit us with a follow on here and soundcloud or just listen to the music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #behindthescenes

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Artisano Studio

Artisano Studio

Awesome having you at Artisano Studio! #behindthescenes

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I love find the great in-between #BehindTheScenes shots that stand strong. It's like panning for gold. Gotta make sure everyone is having a great time at the shoot!

Arri alexa mini brought new game to the table. It produces beautiful images but still maintain the slim figure to reduce the weight. What is your thoughts? . . . . *dm for credits @arri #behindthescenes

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Cynthia Berger Fotografie

Berlin, Germany

Making Of#behindthescenes thescenes with Fabian @indeedmodels you 🙏📸🔝

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