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Deborah Getzler Munoz (@deborahgetzlermunoz) Instagram Profile Photo

Deborah Getzler Munoz

Joe Gatto is awesome!!! 🤩😎🥰 #bekind

M. M. Collins (@m.m.collins) Instagram Profile Photo

M. M. Collins

Recently there was a school in PA who threatened to call child protective services on parents who could not afford to pay back the years school lunches. Using fear on people who already dread not being able to pay their bills is unequivocally wrong. #bekind

Maria Dziurzyńska (@m_ary_d_) Instagram Profile Photo

Maria Dziurzyńska

To nasz pierwszy dziś a tyle emocji! Tyle mega chwil i jest tak cudownie! Rodzina jest najważniejsza! ❤️😍 #bekind

Just a little food for thought: . . So something I’ve noticed on my business IG page...some of the ladies I look up to with their side businesses do not liked when women who do/sell/make similar items “follow” them. Honestly, the purpose of following someone who does something similar to you isn’t to “steal” ideas or “copy” things, or steal customers, but instead to admire, gain business ideas such as sale ideas, photography tips, etc. Unfortunately one lady literally blocked me. I truly loved following her because her IG was aesthetically pleasing and I loved the products she made. Idk if this is because we both make jewelry or what? It weird. Like how many women out there make wooden signs? Jewelry? Run boutiques? Are hairdressers? Do makeup? Make crafts? Sell skincare? It’s sad and pathetic we can’t support one another, or feel so insecure we block people that enjoy what we do. So I going to rise above the rest and be the woman who lifts up others, is secure in what she does and the quality of her work. . My little baby business is only beginning but I welcome anyone that wants to join, even if you’re not here to buy items. . # Thanks for coming to my ted talk. ✌🏻 . #bekind

Alex Hanes Sparrow (@thewellcarriedchild) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Hanes Sparrow

Simply Grow

No matter how you feed your baby: breast, , or formula; it can be done while . . . . The can be one of the easiest carriers to feed in, with easy access to baby's face. . . . Remember, #bekind to yourself. Feeding in a carrier and using a carrier with your child are independent skills that need to be perfected individually first. . . . And always return baby to an upright position if you use a . . . . . Where did Babywearing take you today?

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