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Beatrice Atzei (@fitbea_207_) Instagram Profile Photo

Beatrice Atzei

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Cheyenne Coach Sportif

Fx-Trainer Aka BébéBuilder 97🙏 (@fx_trainer) Instagram Profile Photo

Fx-Trainer Aka BébéBuilder 97🙏

Patricia Sá Pinto (@realtor_patriciasapinto) Instagram Profile Photo

Patricia Sá Pinto

× Carolina Costa × (@miss___aloha) Instagram Profile Photo

× Carolina Costa ×

× Carolina Costa × (@miss___aloha) Instagram Profile Photo

× Carolina Costa ×

× Carolina Costa × (@miss___aloha) Instagram Profile Photo

× Carolina Costa ×

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°•. THAIS CARLA ♡ (@thaiiscarlaoficial) Instagram Profile Photo



Um dia eu sonhei em poder entrar em uma loja e escolher a roupa que eu mais gostasse e não a que coubesse em mim. Só quem é gordo sabe o que estou falando. Pois, por muitas vezes nos somos refém dessa triste realidade de ir em algumas lojas em busca do que cabe e não do que gostamos. Afinal o corpo gordo não foi feito para moda. (Ou a moda não foi feito para gordo). . Mas, aqui apresento a vocês a @modaliss.oficial a loja que vai mudar todo o conceito de moda e estilo. A indústria da moda Plus Size não vai ser mas a mesma depois que vocês conhecerem esta marca. pois lá vocês iram encontrar de um tudo e pra TODXS!!! . // Esse conjuntinho está no site com um desconto maravilhoso, é só colocar SEJALIVRE no ato da compra e viver essa liberdade de poder usar o que você quer. ✨ . #bodypositive

Natalie Boone Minervino (@natalieboonegetsfit) Instagram Profile Photo

Natalie Boone Minervino

I’m sorry this basically the same picture as yesterday 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve been dying to get outside and run but it been soooooo hot. On the bright side I’ve put 230 miles on the bike in the past month so there’s that 💁🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️✨ • #bodypositive

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Ali Moeder (@ali.all.day) Instagram Profile Photo

Ali Moeder

Let's talk about body image issues. Most people (myself included) shy away from openly discussing their image issues, but in order to understand better, it needs to be talked about. 🙌 Every single person worries about their body. It's just a fact in modern day society unfortunately. Everyone wants to be at a low body fat but the "correct" kind of thick. Athletic, curvy, bootylicious with a tiny waist but it's not possible to spot reduce or spot gain. I cant say, "I want all the weight I gain to go directly to my booty. None to my stomach." (Wouldnt that be awesome if you could? 😂) The secret to a good body image and aura is confidence. 100% self love and confidence within yourself. And that's tough to develop. It's tough to learn how to be if you arent just naturally confident. I've always known I've had image issues, always. I've seen myself one way and so I ask those closest to me if I look bigger or look smaller than what they remember. Based on that I am able to gauge myself because I simply- do not see myself the way the rest of the world does. 🧐 There is a lot of work that is going into correcting that mentality, but it's a work in progress. I'm working on letting my body be less stressed and being more confident through thick and thin. The quote, "you only have one body so you better love it" comes to mind and it is 100% true. 🙌🙌 . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . #bodypositive

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